Costa Concordia “sails” for the last time – now being pulled by tugs to Genoa

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Costa Concordia “sails” for the last time – now being pulled by tugs to Genoa

The Costa Concordia cruise liner was righted recently and is now being towed away from Giglio island in NW Italy. It is being tugged to Genoa, on the western coast. It will take four days. Genoa was the home of Christopher Columbus – you might have heard of him.

2 ½ years ago, it became one of the worst ship disasters in modern times (Titanic aside). It’s twice the size of the Titanic. 32 drowned. It now will be turned into cars, refrigerators and soup cans. The scrap yards are ready to torch it. This will be one of the biggest salvage operations in history.

I wonder if they will be selling deck chairs? Gym equipment should go cheaply. This wreck single handedly put the kibosh on many people’s plans to take a cruise of any kind. The recent sinking of the Korean vessel didn’t help the industry. Nets will catch any items that might fall off the ship, traveling at about 2 knots.

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Francesco Schettino, Cconcordia Captain (Reuters)

Francesco Schettino, Concordia Captain (Reuters)

The Concordia’s Italian captain, Francesco Schettino, is on trial, facing a huge manslaughter charge. How about his brave act of abandoning ship with over 4,000 passengers and crew on board. He says the reef he hit wasn’t on any nautical charts. It’s reported that he was showing off to friends and brought the ship close so they could see it.

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