My Christmas on Crystal Cruises; a warm and enjoyable week.

ByRick Deutsch

My Christmas on Crystal Cruises; a warm and enjoyable week.

Two years ago, my wife could not join me on a speaking assignment on the #1 rated line – Crystal Cruises. Very nice ships. Only 900+ passengers. It was kinda lonely, but I really don’t mind sailing alone. I get the whole room to myself – huge closet space and I can sleep until I wake up.

There are always plenty of nice folks on board to chat with. The ship had decorations and even a big tree in the main area. The dining room featured the traditional turkey and all the fixings. People really dressed up for the day. Men had tuxedos and women were all decked out.  Christmas music filled the hallways and common areas. They really didn’t let you get homesick.

My Christmas concerto on Crystal's Symphony

My Christmas concerto on Crystal’s Symphony

Crystal does allow children, but they are generally kept under control by their parents. The line is not cheap, and former CEO’s, company presidents, celebrities and sports figures often sail with them. If interested, you can go to their website and check out their fares. This is truly a special line. Most are repeat passengers. The ship goes to different ports to keep the regulars coming back.

It was really special to be onboard at Christmas. I’d do it again – with my wife.


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