China is new place for Cruise lines to farm.

ByRick Deutsch

China is new place for Cruise lines to farm.

China makes almost everything we use. I dare you to pick up an item off your desk – yup, “Made in China.”  With the world’s largest population, they are now moving into the cruise industry big time.

First, they are now gearing up to establish the country as a ship manufacturing power. Next is loading their own citizens.

Carnival is joining the many ship deployments to China as the industry sees the country for growth. Shanghai is the #1 hot spot. Americans account for the overwhelming nationality taking cruises. It’s the good life. For many the life aboard a ship is way better than hassling with rental cars, trains or giant tour groups. Chinese feel the same.

US Dollars ARE FLOWING in China . Car sales there are skyrocketing – along with pollution, but the upper class is spending.  Now they are joining the list of happy cruisers.

Ship in Shanghai Harbor

Shanghai Harbor

The lines are seeing a big uptick, and rather than sailing pax to China, they are gearing up to board Chinese on their home turf. Costa Cruises and Princess are two that will soon increase participation in China. Ditto Royal Caribbean and NCL. Carnival plans to have a ship up and running there by 2017 with another to follow.

I don’t know where they will sail to, but expect the gigantic ships to be full. As far as speaking assignments…unless you speak fluent Mandarin, forget it. Also, the crews should be hiring locals. On most ships I go on, the housekeeping and dining hall folks seem to be Philippinos and Eastern Europeans. More jobs for Chinese!

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