China issues nationwide smog alert |Read about any issues where you are traveling.

ByRick Deutsch

China issues nationwide smog alert |Read about any issues where you are traveling.

smog on streets

People ride along a street on a smoggy day in China

I’ve spoken on cruises going to China.  If you do, be sure read up on conditions at your destination. We all know that smog is bad in Beijing, Real bad.  Cars and the blowing sand particles off the desert to the west add to the cars and factory pollution of this megalopolis.

China: Emerging cruise center

The Maritime Executive (an industry trade rag) reported that a cruise ship could not dock on NY Eve. This was at the huge port of Tianjin. Apparently, the stuff was so thick they could not see to navigate and put the ship in. Wow.

2,000 passengers were delayed TWO days until it cleared enough to land.

Don’t forget the thousand passengers waiting to board for the next leg to South Korea. Ships weren’t alone. Roads were closed and air travel from Beijing was cancelled.

Tianjin, is a very busy port. It normally handles heavy industrial materials: coal, iron ore and other minerals. In early December, they shut down due to smog. Production from suppliers was curtailed. It’s now common to see people wearing masks as part of their outfits.

In other cities, smog reduced viz to about 150 feet. That’s half an America football field. China recently called a red-alert for the country.

It sure would help to scope out the situation wherever you are asked to go. Not just for smog…but terrorism, political unrest and Godzilla sightings. You might turn it down!

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