China – Next big cruise market | Speaker Opportunities

ByRick Deutsch

China – Next big cruise market | Speaker Opportunities

Royal Caribbean building ship for China market

Royal Caribbean building ship for China market

China boasts 1.3 billion of earth’s 7 billion people. That’s a lot of heads. Despite their Communist adherence of “everyone is the same,” they do have an upper class. Those folks want what we want. To Cruise the world!

Royal Caribbean has two cruise ships in China “Quantum of the Seas” ship alone boosts the company’s capacity in the region by 66%. The use the port of Shanghai.  I’ve been to  Shanghai. It’s pretty exotic with the old town right on the water’s edge.

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This is a huge market. Over 50% of cruise passengers are Americans. A distant second is the UK, then  Germany. So China is a nice lollipop for the Cruise lines. Just like the auto industry found out. Today, as a speaker English is it. Even though you may be in foreign lands, the talks are all in English. The Chinese are not tied into English as are other countries, so your presentations might have to be run through an interpreter. I don’t know.

First destinations might include nearby ports: Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. A problem that does exist is access to travel agencies in China.  There aren’t many. Citizens know very little about cruiing. Marketing is needed.

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