Celebrity Cruises expanding fleet – Two more ships on order

ByRick Deutsch

Celebrity Cruises expanding fleet – Two more ships on order

Cruise shipC

Celebrity Eclipse, a 3,000 pax ship.

Celebrity plans to expand to 13 ships. They are built in France by famous shipbuilder STX. Odds are that when you get your speaking gigs they will be on the Celebrity Class. Others in the space are Holland America, NCL and Princess. These ships are fun – but not in your face with a mini-amusement park. I loved NCL – they had a climbing wall on the stern, two bowling alleys and a giant Wi screen. Fun but not overboard like with an ice rink, bumper cars and over-ocean pods.

These two ships will hold about 3,000, That’s about their current size. Many folks just don’t want to ride on a floating city. Celebrity will have itineraries that the gigantic ships just can’t get into.

They are being built by the famous shipbuilder, STX of France. You’ll have to wait until 2018 for the first one to roll out. They have no names now. With two more ships, the opportunities for speakers rises by 15%.

We’d like to teach you how to get assignments speaking and snag a free cruise for two. BUT you have to talk to us. Today. I’m sitting b the laptop waiting. Hurry, dinner is almost ready.

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