Celebrity Cruise Ship Constellation Has Engine Problems Skips Cozumel

ByBill Belew

Celebrity Cruise Ship Constellation Has Engine Problems Skips Cozumel

The Costa Concordia on its side.

The Costa Concordia on its side.

Normally what happens to a cruise ship is not all that big news … well, except when a cruise ship tips over because the captain got too close to ground to wave good-bye or whatever the story ended up being near Tuscan Island of Giglio, Italy.

The Celebrity Cruise ship Constellation rand into engine trouble … extended their stay in Key West, skipped Cozumel and went to Nassau instead.

This is of interest to me because 11 days from now I will be on that ship. My wife, daughter and out-, um, in-laws will be with me. It’s my next speaking gig – talking Social Media for Cruisers. I am a Local SEO Social Media Marketer in my other life.

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Additionally, I have never been to Cozumel but have been to Nassau. Going places I have never been is part of the fun of cruising.

The short is, I hope they get the engine fixed. And no doubt they will.

What I really really hope is that they don’t tip the thing over. That would be kind of exciting to survive, but , nah, I don’t really want to do that.

It would definitely be bad form for Celebrity in the Social Media world. Hmm… maybe I can put that in my talk.
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    Rick DeutschPosted on1:17 pm - Dec 26, 2013

    From: Cornelia Stumpf CSCP CONSULT- PR, Marketing

    Ref the constellation article- you may want to check this out. http://www.cruiselawnews.com/2013/12/articles/passenger-rights/celebrity-constellation-suffers-engine-problems-in-key-west/ I was on that ship and the PR / Customer service handling of this breakdown was the worst I have ever seen in the tourism industry. Silence is not golden in this case, and neither is looking the other way for compensation. Celebrity is adding insult to passengers” injury” of a 38 hrs. mandated repair time in a naval dock and the cancellation of the cruise highlight western Caribbean / Cozumel- with a ” substitution” of the dirty port of Nassau. That maybe an add- in to the talk- but I do believe Celebrity will censor this, as they are doing their FB pages , when bad post occur- Life is a cruise for them- on the account of some guest that get not what they signed up/ and paid for.

    Rick DeutschPosted on1:19 pm - Dec 26, 2013


    Thanks for reading our website and providing your comment. We are an independent group with nothing to do with the cruise lines. We train people to get free cruises for 2 by speaking when the ships are at sea. We feel it’s useful to our audience to provide news as we learn of it.

    Many of our client speak on various Celebrity ships, so this is an awkward story. We feel your pain and try to alert our clients to check out the lines and be prepared. As a heads up, I have a blog in the queue ready for 4 pm PST Dec 29. I can’t mention names, but you’ll get the tone. I elaborate on the Bill of Rights on the next day. Here it is in advance.

    We’d love to work with you to develop 4 talks in this genre that would provide InfoTainment to people on vacation. … see our website (SpeakOnCruises.com) for all the details… Did your trip have enrichment speakers?

    San Jose

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