The Celebrity “Century” ship being sold to a Chinese Company

ByRick Deutsch

The Celebrity “Century” ship being sold to a Chinese Company

Just when we learn about the NCL purchase of Oceana and Regent, news is that a Chinese venture called “ International” crafted an agreement with Royal Caribbean Cruises  to buy the Celebrity Century. The changeover will be in April, 2015 after a dry dock refurb and enhancement.

SOLD! the Celebrity Century

SOLD! the Celebrity Century

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The Century has been a mainstay of the RC fleet and can carry 1,814-passengers. It was the lead ship of the Century-class of vessels. It was featured on “The Nanny” TV show.  The Century is the oldest of the Celebrity’s 19 ships and its possible sale has been known for a while, including a farewell tour. In its life it visited 77 ports.

Built in 1995, the ship is big at 71,000 tons gross. It will be focused on the Chinese market. This is one of the fastest growing cruise ship areas. High end Chinese are willing to spend the money to sail in luxury. The dry dock effort will greatly enhance the already plush interior of the ship.

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