Carnival now has a small city at sea – the AIDAnova rolls out soon

ByRick Deutsch

Carnival now has a small city at sea – the AIDAnova rolls out soon

The world’s largest cruise company, Carnival Holdings, now has a monster ship. How does 6,000 passengers sound? And 1,500 crew. Yikes! That’s a small city where I come from. Births, deaths … whatever you can imagine.  The name is AIDAnova.

large cruise ship

AIDAnova Carnival’s biggest ever ship

The beast cost shy of $1 BILLION to build. What do you get for your dollars? A an elevated rope course, three waterslides, 17 restaurants and 23 bars. A first – it will run on liquefied natural gas,

It’s a thousand feet long and displaces 180,000 tons.

AIDAnova will feature a real TV studio at sea, Studio X, where programming will be created right there … in front of hundreds. (Cruiser’s got talent?)

READ about Carnival’s first trip to Cuba: in 2016

For adventure, you can climb though a mini-forest (sans monkeys), lazy down a river or scream down any of three waterslides.

To kick back, “manana” style, The Beach Club, sports a Caribbean atmosphere. It is enclosed by a dome built such that the sun shines in but any rain doesn’t.

Read this. I’ll be careful not to have fat fingers….there is a 40,000 sq ft Spa. Stop and imagine how big that is. Again — 40,000!!

The first cruise will be in December 2018. It’ll hit the Canary Islands. You can join the fun for as little as $600 per person.

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