Carnival ship rescues escaping Cubans

ByRick Deutsch

Carnival ship rescues escaping Cubans

WAFB TV reports that the Carnival Dream made a slight detour when a small boat carrying 39 Cubans trying to flee the Communist country was floundering on the seas between Cuba and the USA.

Freedonm was so close. Last week the cruise ship picked up the adults as they sailed between Grand Cayman and Jamaica.

They has been stalled for many days. Their small boat was dead with no power and was slowly filling with sea water. Cruise Speakers; Can you make 4 talks on this theme?? Easy Squeezy.

Leaving the "good life" under the Castro Brothers

Leaving the “good life” under the Castro Brothers

The Carnival Dream picked them up and let them stay in onboard as it continued on to Montego Bay, Jamaica. They were then transferred to Jamaican authorities.

The protocol for the Us Coast Guard is to rescue refugees, sink the craft and return the people to Cuba. Those that touch American soil get a free pass and get to stay.

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You have to admire the resolve of these people to reach freedom.  Let’s hope that one day cruise ships will be able to sock in Cuba.

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