Buzz abut the NCL ship that got stuck on a reef

ByRick Deutsch

Buzz abut the NCL ship that got stuck on a reef

There’s been a lot of internet traffic lately about the NCL ship that got stuck on a Bermuda reef.

a reef with fish

NCL ship does major damage to the reef

The trip last week was to be 7-day in/out of the area around Bermuda. The Norwegian Dawn had a high capacity with well over 3,000 (a lifeboat for all) souls on board.

Marine maps clearly show the reef. Who was driving the boat?  These cruise lines repeat the same route over and over. And over again.

Similar impact ==>? The Titanic hit a iceburg and lost

Passengers paid buku bucks to take their dream vacation. OK, it was only six hours but many were upset. Six hours less time on shore….but six hours more at the gambling tables!

They sat in the calm waters and worked on their tans until the tide rose and they floated away. It wasn’t said if they were allowed to swim outside…doubt it.

The steering system was to blame. Really, most ships have a big wheel – literally – to turn the ship. They also have thrusters that can nudge it left or right — sorry port or starboard. They can also jam the props into reverse.  It sounds kinda like blaming the autopilot when a plane crashes.

Everyone was safe and sound. No toilets overflowing or glasses being knocked around. So, no biggie. The ship had spent three days in Bermuda. Overkill in my book, but things got right and there was no damage to the superstructure. (Remember the Titanic?)

All disembarked (fancy word for “got off”) in Boston. I don’t know if compensation will be given. Anyone out there know?

Now – a big one in my book – what about the Damage to the reef???   When you get a 100,000-ton ship ripping the reef (a living thing) up and realizing it will take years to grow back….it’s not so funny anymore.

See you next time with stories from the briny deep.

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