The battle for a saner Venice goes on. BIG ships – easy does it.

ByRick Deutsch

The battle for a saner Venice goes on. BIG ships – easy does it.

Venice. After San Francisco, it’s everyone’s favorite city. I know… Paris and San Jose, CA rank up there.

If you are a regular reader (why not?”) of these blogs, you know that we try to keep you cruise ship speakers and wanna be’s up to date on the haps in the industry.

Venice from a ship

Venice from a ship

We have talked about good old Venice before. It is sinking, and that is one reason that the city fathers are trying to keep the waves down.

They are now studying a new proposal for reducing the problems that the giant cruise ships bring. They are now considering building an artificial terminal island in the Adriatic.

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Located way out in the sea, like 8 miles, it would be in deeper water and would stop the image of Godzilla coming to town as the ships cruise by. Passengers would be taken by a fleet of boats to the downtown area.

The ferries can take 800 people. The trip will take an hour. Will folks get upset?  Yes, but so what? Venice is sinking and this is one solution.

Giudecca Canal is the common route now taken.  Smaller ships under 90,000 tons would still be able to go direct to the existing cruise ship terminal.


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