Azamara Club Cruises announces 2016 Voyages | They need speakers!

ByRick Deutsch

Azamara Club Cruises announces 2016 Voyages | They need speakers!

Azamara Club Cruises (that’s their whole name) released the ports of call for 2016. Their two luxury high-end ships, the  Azamara  Journey and Azamara Quest, will visit  Australia and New Zealand, the Far East, Southeast Asia, the Arabian Gulf, and the West Indies. This routing will provide passengers a choice of 204 ports in 70 countries.

In a novel idea, the ships will stay later in the towns than before. Typically, most ships berth at about 7 am then stay all day until about 5 before the sail away. Azamara will stay past 8 p.m. for almost 200 trips. Further, they will let pax spend the night at over 100 cities. This is perfect for folks with relatives to visit.  This translates to overnighter on more than 100 calls.

In their published schedule,  Azamara also will visit many new ports. – a draw to get repeat sailers. These will take guests on new adventures in 2016, with 44 new maiden calls in Australia and New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and Oman, Europe and the West Indies.

 Conneting story => Bill Belew on Azamara co-founder got back last month from an Azamara transatlantic trip from Miami to Nice, France. He gave 5 talks and had a ball. He gave very good reports on the quality of the cruise, service and food. You too, can speak on Azamara. Get your training from us and pack your bags!

Cruise ship speakers: HOW TO

Cruise ship speakers: HOW TO

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