An adventure – Cross the continent via Nicaragua?

ByRick Deutsch

An adventure – Cross the continent via Nicaragua?

What would you think about taking a cruise to get from the Atlantic to the Pacific via Nicaragua? Don’t I mean the Panama Canal? Yes, for now. If Daniel Ortega, the leader of that country has his way, his Communist friends in China will build a new canal across that country.

I’ve cruised there. I was a guest speaker and gave talks onboard. I can tell you that Nicaragua is no Miami Beach.

Nicaraguan delivery van

Nicaraguan delivery van

China is the #2 user of the Canal now, so why would they want to spend $50 billion for a new route? Hmmm, maybe it’s to have an unencumbered route to their surrogates in Cuba, Venezuela, Columbia, etc. Plus, they can steal a lot of revenue from Panama.

It would take them five years to dig it – at 173 miles long it would be three times the length of the current canal. But no huge mountains to dig through. Lake Nicaragua is very large and ships would get a free ride across it. There is one estimate of it being able to handle 5100 ships a year.

Panama that makes about $5B a year on fares. Here’s a funny one: Ortega says he plans to use the engineering drafts the US did prior to deciding on going the Panama way. Danny boy, surveys developed in the 1880’s might be a tad out of date a century later!

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