New advances in Cruise ship entertainnment

ByRick Deutsch

New advances in Cruise ship entertainnment

Here’s one we had to share. You say that the ship you are on is rocking a bit? Makes you waddle down the hallways?

Here’s a very innovative idea. How about a pool table that stays level with the earth…not the swells. Amazing that a company would actually think of this….then build it…then sell it!

Check out the video!

In a way, it’s a big expense for a pool table.  Only 2 and maybe 4 can play.  Gee, 2000+ folks take a number.

Hey, a better use – a bed during rough seas.  O, O, O, that’s the ticket.  Install these into staterooms.  No one will get sick! I’m sure the high rollers would pay.  I’ve been on trips and had to hang on when trying to sleep and we went up/down/left/right.

My wife takes pills. The patch made her nauseous when she took it off. I bought her the wrist band thingies but the latest pills worked – not Dramamine.  Ginger works also. I have small boxes of it that were given to me by the owner of the Berkeley (CA) Marina. You can also drink Ginger Ale.  Keep off of caffeine.

Also, that’s what you  should drink on long flights….Ginger Ale with ice and keep off Cola’s.  I don’t drink  – not a religious thing, I just don’t like the taste of beer and I get sleepy with wine and I barfed with hard stuff.

Billiards anyone?

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