1857 Lloyd Werft ship-building plant bought by Genting Hong Kong – parent of Crystal Cruises

ByRick Deutsch

1857 Lloyd Werft ship-building plant bought by Genting Hong Kong – parent of Crystal Cruises

Most cruise lines contract with one of the giant shipbuilders to make their next cruise ship. Most are in Europe: Germany, Germany and Italy. Even China is cranking up. You can imagine the infrastructure to roll out a mammoth floating hotel.

Crystal Cruise upped the ante. About a year ago they were bought by Genting Hong Kong. Prior to that, a new CEO, Edie Rodriguez, set out on some ambitious plans. Soon announced were commitments for three more ships, 5 yachts and a river cruise ship. Hang on, there’s more: three 787/777 aircraft. Yes, they are buying three Boeing planes to outfit each with about 60 passengers.

airplane in flight

Drawing of proposed Crystal’s plane

Details are not released but the hint is that well-to-do passengers will be on such theme trips as a worldwide golfing sampler. Imagine flying from Dubai to Scotland to Pebble Beach. Each probably will get a sleeping suite with a shower and office set-up. Large groups and companies can use the planes for incentives trip. Not cheap.

Anyway, back to our theme. Genting announced the purchase of their own shipyard! Lloyd Werft is the respected German company that has built dozens of large ships. Boy, that will make sure there are no other projects that will delay the Crystal ships from hitting the water. They paid $19.8 million for 70% of a shipbuilding business and 50% ownership of the shipyard land. That’s a controlling interest.

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