15 Skills a Professional Speaker Needs to Work the Audience | Industry Insider

ByBill Belew

15 Skills a Professional Speaker Needs to Work the Audience | Industry Insider

Work Your Audience

Work Your Audience

Cruise ship lectures, professional speakers, effective public speakers need to develop their skills to ‘work their audience.’

I do not mean networking. Smiling. Shaking hands. Swapping cards.

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I do mean connecting. Getting the most involvement from your audience. Letting the audience know you prepared just for them. Engaging on a deeper level. Tangible evidence that your talk is not ‘canned’ and you are just changing the nouns.

Depending on the destination, the cruise demographics change. Depending on the cruise line they change.

Some cruises have younger crowds. Some older.

Celebrity cruises to Hawaii have an average age of 85-years old!!

Celebrity cruises to the Eastern Caribbean => 64-years old.

Do you know how many US citizens travel abroad for medical treatment = medical tourism? I know because I spoke to a group of hospital administrators in Bangkok last year.

As quick as you know where and to whom you will be speaking:

1. set up a News Alert via Google or some other provider.

2. Search for a few thought leaders and subscribe to their blogs/web sites for whenever they update.

3. Bookmark news sites in the industry you will be addressing and give it a 5-minute look each day to know what is going on.

Read, read, read. When you look at the newspapers, magazines, news aggregaters in your audience’s industry … you will be spot on with good material that is relevant. Your talk will be much better received, too.


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