Visit SpeakOnCruises – marvel at Silicon Valley

ByRick Deutsch

Visit SpeakOnCruises – marvel at Silicon Valley

Many of our clients are local to the San Francisco Bay area. Some fly in for interfacing. Most non-luddites know of the innovation that comes out of our area.

We, therefore, invite all readers – client or not – to visit us. No pressure. We give tours of the local area. One place that you will marvel at is the new Apple campus. It is famous for the work that Steve Jobs did to come up with the idea of a “donut” shaped office building

Aerial photo of the new Apple campus under construction

The Cupertino Apple campus under construction

The site is moving dirt and you can see what is going on now on this YouTube video. It was taken by a person with a —oh no!! — drone. Note that he does not fly above the construction, but we get a great look at the circular shape.

We’ll take you by the One Infinity Drive current campus (with a retail store) and drool at the happy Apple workers. All this sits in Cupertino, where Jobs grew up. We can’t get inside, but you will have a good time.

As a bonus, if you sign up for our program, we’ll take you by the house he grew up in and the house he died in.

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