Speak On Cruises founders make a video

ByRick Deutsch

Speak On Cruises founders make a video

Look over to the right of this blog. You’ll see a new video that we made – just for you…and you…and you! It’s your pals, Rick and Bill spouting the good words of cruising.

We thought it would be useful for prospects to see us in action. We’re both tall – but Rick is taller (and better looking). We have faces meant for radio. We have fun running SpeakOnCruises and are impressed with the folks that engage us to help them.

2 am: Rick & Bill banging  out another blog

2 am: Rick & Bill banging out another blog

We give you the tools to succeed. We don’t guarantee that anyone will get a gig. That’s up to you. But we’ve been doing it a long time and know the scoop.  You have to know more than others about a subject. Your talks need to be fun for “older” people on vacation. No Wall Street Journal content. Think USA Today. NOT fluff, but don’t make the audience think.

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Many just want to get out of the sun. Don’t take it personally if they snooze  – you are trying to get a free cruise. If you deliver, you will have a blast.

Click on the video – it only runs a few minutes. Give us a critique. Want us to do more? How’s the audio? I edit them on  a MACBook, using iMovie. Easy – Peezy. I use this same skill to make  the required YouTubes for people. Let’s talk.
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