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The team at SpeakOnCruises has three options to get you sailing, depending on your current level of knowledge, background and urgency. 1. Seminar; 2. Consulting; 3. Coaching.   Free – 15-minute orientation phone/skype call to give you an overview and answer any of your concerns,

Our offerings:

 Option 1 – $300 Individual Training Seminar LIVE 2-hour seminar covers the entire process. We teach you (in detail) how to do it yourself. We teach – you do. We use web-based technologies  – no need to be here in person. With our training, you will be prepared to successfully submit to the booking agencies. We provide one month of email Q&A to help you get those assignments. We cover:

The Industry
Benefits of Speaking
Destination or Enrichment?
Your job
Topics wanted / Not wanted
Speech Mechanics


*  Option 2 – $200 per hour LIVE 1-on-1, face-to-face consulting (Subsequent sessions at $100/hr.)  – If you have completed Option 1, rate is only $100/hr. Local or outside the SF Bay area. Sit at our headquarters with the staff. You can drive here (Silicon Valley) or fly in. Does not include your hotel, meals, transportation. Can be done remotely via Skype or Internet technologies. For seasoned public speakers or those who need specific help, YOU pick the area of focus. Some value-add we provide:

1. The essence of Option 1. Short and to the point to get us on the same page.
2. Personalized speaking/presentation technique consultation.
3. Help you develop your bio, topics, titles and summaries.
4. Help you create a polished presentation.We’ll even WRITE it for you!!
5. Help you complete the required agency application forms.
6. Review of your own required video submittal or we produce/film/edit your YouTube.
7. Assist you in the agency application process.
8. One month email response to on-going questions.
9. Leads to openings.
10. Anything else you might need help with.


* Option 3 Coaching

$200 for first 1 hour session; $100 each additional 1 hour session. Duration is variable depending on your needs. If in-person, video filming and critique included.  If via internet, we’ll do a review of your live Skype.


Payment Terms

All payments via PayPal, check or cash prior to class.

Log in to your PayPal account and send funds to ricky.deutsch@gmail.com Use Friends and Family tab.

Money back guarantee: If you are not pleased with our program, you may request a full refund, subject to the terms of our agreement, provided at sign up. 

Don’t procrastinate. You have a dream – wake up and take the step. The ships need you!


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