This offering provides help to candidates wanting to master the art of Public Speaking.

Giving presentations in public is a learned art.  Unless you have had a curriculum to teach you how to give presentations, you will not have the basic tools to be a welcome lecturer on a ship. Some are born with the ability – but more have been taught.

We’ve been doing it most of our careers – we taken the classes, read the books, joined Toastmasters and Dale Carnegie to LEARN how to put thoughts together and deliver top notch talks. Are we cocky? Well – yes. We are confident that we can help you.

We’re a veteran-owned business and in the military you better give great briefings to your superiors or you maybe peeling potatoes!

We can take you to the podium.

If you know your content but can’t deliver it – you won’t be invited to speak on ships. We’ll even film you if you are local or review your progress via skype, if remote. See our HIREUS page.