ByRick Deutsch

Passport concerns when travelng

When you are in the process of being accepted to speak on a ship, you will get inundated with forms to fill in.   One thing the ship needs to know in advance is your passport info.  I personally consider this info that bad guys want, so I either call it to them or make sure they have a site that is https for security.

You are required to have 6 months left on your term. AND you need to have 4 blank pages. If you fall short on either of these, get a new one NOW.  All Post Offices have the forms. This can take a month or so…don’t delay. No passport – no trip. Ditto for your guest.

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Having a passport will enable you to fly from the U.S. to a foreign port in the event you miss your scheduled embarkation or to fly back to the U.S. if you need to disembark the ship mid-cruise due to an emergency. Always register with the state department in case of bad times.  Go to the State website and check out any advisories for the countries.

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Graduate of SpeakOnCruises

A buddy had to get out of Kenya quickly due to an uprising a couple years ago. It’s easy for the govt to come to your rescue if they can find you. Email alerts work.

The ship will collect your passport upon boarding. They store them to make sure they are available to local authorities. This helps them get clearance when the ship arrives in a port. In a few cases they will give it to you before you go out on a tour….depending on the country.

A tip:   Xerox (er, copy) everything in your wallet and your passport ID page.  Make three copies….one in your suitcase, one on you and one for your contact at home.  It is also a good idea to make a copy to keep for yourself at home. Some advise bringing one passport size photo in case the Embassy needs to make you a new one. Your call on that one.

Your name on your passport must be the same as on your on your cruise documents, boarding passes and such. My last cruise was almost a stopper. When I went to check in – they had an “A” in my name that doesn’t exist. All my other docs and passport were current. “Are you sure that your name is misspelled?”   Duh.

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ByRick Deutsch

Ships need speakers. Ships need your Expertise. Ships need YOU.

I just got back from a 2-week Hawaii cruise. 4 islands. But there were 9 sea days…so I gave 9 talks. 9 different talks. Not a  bad “price” to pay for a free cruise for two.

So why aren’t you going after these gigs? You found this website, and read it….you know there are slots waiting. They won’t go  unfilled…but why should some woodchuck in Moosejaw, Kentucky get it?

Wouldn’t you love to take your “significant other” on a Mediterranean cruise? Maybe the Greek islands?

READ: Can SpeakOnCruises really help prepare me for speaking slots?

A new booking agency has arrived on the scene. As a start up they are in need of speakers – BOTH Destination and Enrichment.  They need to look good to the cruise lines to get the business up and running.

Agencies are pretty much the only way you will get accepted. THEY vett you and present you to the lines. ..  if everyone likes you…you may – MAY – get a slot.

Only 20% of people who “say” they want to pursue something actually have the intestinal fortitude to go for it. Speaking is a talent. Not everyone can stand in front of a crowd and transfer INFO-tainment.  Good stuff plus keep them entertained. Can YOU?

You will be a celebrity. I had a blast. My wife had a blast. We got FREE tours by assisting the Excursion folks.  Not all ships allow you to do this.

Our 2-hour seminar will give you all the info you need to land jobs.   You are NOT employed by the ships….so talk to your taxperson if this might be a deduction for you – or if you need to report the value. You will not get a W-9 and the ship does not record any compensation. You won’t get paid; the cruise for 2 is in exchange for your talks.

Give us a shout. Operators are standing by!

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SpeakOnCruises own Rick Deutsch speaking on NCL.

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ByRick Deutsch

Real world problem fix while speaking on a ship


I wasn’t even a Boy Scout, but being prepared saved my bacon on a recent cruise. It was along one. Four sea days to Hawaii, four to Ensenada and then to San Francisco. I wanted it since there was no air travel required from our San Jose estate.

I knew I’d have a lot of time to kill, even though I signed up to give nine talks. Yes – 9. I write my talks on a windows Lenovo laptop.  I always load a flash drive with all my talks – just in case.  On this trip I brought my MacBook also. I planned to edit some videos while staring at the Pacific.

My first talk with the windows machine went fine. Audio and film clips worked. PowerPoint was flawless. Good.

That night, however, the darn machine kept freezing up. Just the little spinning blue cheerio. Nothing worked. Frozen, man, frozen.

I had to turn it off and force shut down.  Then I booted it up again. And it froze again. Oh, about 5 tries later – nada.

While setting up for my next talk, the techies offered me their laptop so I could use my flash drive. Great. But in the 5 minutes I had before show time, I paged through the slides and it would not go beyond #19.  (Out of 60).

Tried again – no go.

So I pulled out my Apple and we set it up  – tick tick tick. Already 5 minutes late. The talk came up fine but I needed sound. No go.  10 minutes late – I told the tech “screw it – I won’t use audio.

And the talk went on. I pulled it off.

Whew. Lucky me – 1. That I brought the MacBook. 2. That I had all my talks on the memory stick. 3. That I brought the Apple to my talk in a large theater.  No, I did not trust the windows machine again.  I emailed my repair shop that JUST got rid of malware and bitched.

My wife played around and told me she closed it in”safe” mode. Huh? I have no idea how to do that. BUT, it worked. But I did not trust it for my talks. I’m typing this on the Lenovo. The computer shop will work on it.

Moral:  Be prepared!!   Learn this lesson, my friends. I guess I will now start bringing my two laptops. What a pain.

I hate computers!!



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