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ByRick Deutsch

European Electrical Adaptor needed for Cruise Ships


USA to Euro Plug Adaptor

USA to Euro Plug Adaptor

Most Cruise ships adhere to the European electrical standard for wall outlets. Generally, these are the 2-prong outlets that are circular. American plugs have two small vertical slots and a round lower one for ground. European alternating current is 240 volts; in the USA, we use 110 volts. Most  modern electronics can be used on 110 or 240 systems as they have internal transformers to step the  voltage down. Your Laptop can run on either. Check the instructions manuals for your phone, tablet and device chargers.

When you get to your room you will notice that in the bathroom there is one American outlet- but that is for electric shavers only. Hair dryers or anything that heats up draws large amounts of current and should not be used in this outlet.

Most cabins have several European outlets and usually only one American outlet on the desk. If you Continue reading “European Electrical Adaptor needed for Cruise Ships” »