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ByRick Deutsch

Lifeboat drills can save your life; be sure to go.

Standard Life vest

Standard Life vest

When on a cruise, the most important thing you are going to do is attend the lifeboat drill. It’s mandatory, yet many just show up and go through it with glazed eyes. The recent crash of the Costa Concordia off Italy should wake up people to the importance of the briefing. Without a life vest, you can tread for maybe an hour. That is, if you are lucky and in your heated pool back home. Try floating in 55 degree water. Heck even in the tropics, if the water Is a warm 88 degrees – your body is at 98.6 and the heat will be sucked out of you.

So – know where your life vest is. Practice putting it on. Learn how to connect all the buckles and straps. Notice where the light is (it will come on in contact with the water). Notice where the whistle is. If you are floating away from the ship, your voice will only carry a few yards. The whistle will extend your call over several  hundred feet. And rehearse just where your “group” is to assemble.  The life you save might be your own.

ByBill Belew

Diary of a Whimpy Kid, um, Cruise Ship Speaker – Introduction

What does it take to become a cruise ship speaker? I already know what it takes to be a whimpy kid. I was a fat clarinet player in the marching band growing up. I was too small to play any sports.

Cruise Ship Speaker - Belew

Cruise Ship Speaker – Belew

But a cruise ship speaker? Give me 40 years of experience beyond high school and I think I can do the speaking thing … on a cruise ship. Or anywhere else for that matter.

As I write this I am on the 14th floor in the forward part of the Freedom of the Seas ship, courtesy Royal Caribbean Lines. I am reflecting on what it took to get here.

And maybe I can reiterate here some of the dos and don’ts and lessons learned along the way.

For this first post, however, I want to make just one point.

Cruise ship lines need speakers. If you have experience, an expertise, and aren’t afraid to speak in front of crowds or go through the effort to put 4-6 good powerpoint slide programs together, then you could speak on a cruise ship, too. And they’ll ask you to bring along your significant other, too!

I know this because … here I sit.

ByRick Deutsch

European Electrical Adaptor needed for Cruise Ships


USA to Euro Plug Adaptor

USA to Euro Plug Adaptor

Most Cruise ships adhere to the European electrical standard for wall outlets. Generally, these are the 2-prong outlets that are circular. American plugs have two small vertical slots and a round lower one for ground. European alternating current is 240 volts; in the USA, we use 110 volts. Most  modern electronics can be used on 110 or 240 systems as they have internal transformers to step the  voltage down. Your Laptop can run on either. Check the instructions manuals for your phone, tablet and device chargers.

When you get to your room you will notice that in the bathroom there is one American outlet- but that is for electric shavers only. Hair dryers or anything that heats up draws large amounts of current and should not be used in this outlet.

Most cabins have several European outlets and usually only one American outlet on the desk. If you Continue reading “European Electrical Adaptor needed for Cruise Ships” »