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ByRick Deutsch

Cruise the world and meet the unusual | Crocodile Mick

Being on board as a Cruise ship speaker, Mick Pitman gave 3 fascinating talks. Who is he?? A professional crocodile hunter from Darwin, Northern Territories, Australia.

Crocodile Mick meets Rick Deutsch (Mr Half Dome)

Crocodile Mick meets Rick Deutsch (Mr Half Dome)

The movie “Crocodile Dundee” was patterned after Mick Pitman, known in his parts as Crocodile Mick. He doesn’t present the macho image that actor Paul Hogan did (He’s now 74). Mike is rather studious looking and not bulging with muscles.

Mick was a croc poacher for 16 years. The cops just could not catch him. Now he’s gone straight and was given absolution if he agreed to hunt only those crocs that were threatening people.

He gets to keep the animal to tan the hide and sell. What a character. This was his first pubic speaking appearance and what a character he is. He lectures in shorts with a crocodile leather waistcoat, bare-sleeved and with plenty of Aussie jargon, Mate!

He had stories of snagging crocodiles and hauling them aboard a small powerboat. His films showed how he wraps duct tape around their snouts. He has all 10 fingers to show he knows what he is doing.

The message is get on board ships for free – you’ll experience things you can’t get in your TV den. We can show you how. Hit the CONTACT US button to get he ball rolling.


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ByRick Deutsch

Cruise ship speakers can see the world | South Africa

The obvious benefit of lecturing on ships is the places you can go. My wife and I went from Singapore to Capetown and saw places we’d only read about.

The Zulu nation

The Zulu nation

One of the guest speakers was an expert on the Zulu’s.  Rob Caskie grew up with the Zulu’s and speaks the language fluently. This African tribe gave the British the worse defeat ever. Ever! It was a lopsided victory for the natives. We learned a lot about this battle and the Boer Wars.

Like Rob, when writing your talks, make them fun and interesting.  Stories are key. Rob didn’t use a single note. He told about these battles and our minds filled in the images.

In his talks, he carried a baseball bat looking stick. He said the Zulu’s carry them and he also uses it as a prop. In his four presentations he built up the drama.  I am making a YouTube for him. I am using the clips I took with my video camera and use the Apple iMovie program to edit them. Rob wants to speak in the USA. It’s hard nut to crack – he needs to get paid and the airfare will be a killer.

While he enjoyed the cruise, but as we know, speakers don’t get paid. Hon your skills and you’ll get ovations after you talk.

Carpe Diem!

ByRick Deutsch

Qualified Cruise Ship Speakers: Want to see the pyramids?

Speakers: See Khufu's pyramds for free!!

Speakers: See Khufu’s pyramid for free!!

Most speakers on 2 week cruises do it because they want to see the world. Riding on a ship for days looking at blue oceans is not exactly something we all have on our list. Boring. No, we want to see sites that we only dream about. One of my favorites – NO, the favorite – is ancient Egypt.  The place to be, of course, is Cairo. The plains of Giza to be exact. I’ve been there 3 times on cruises.

The port is either up in Alexandria (3 hours north) or the east off the Red Sea. Either easy it’s a long bus ride. These days you will travel in a security convoy with several buses and a military convoy. Plan on a nice man in a 3-piece suit packing heat. Yes, things are tight over there.

But I digress. The complex at Giza (which overlooks downtown Cairo) comprises the 3 large pyramids. Father, son and grandson.  Khufu has the giant one – 482 feet high.  Then there are 3 small weathered ones – for the wives.

Unfortunately, because to the long bus ride – and the mandatory side trip to the museum of Antiquities, – you are allowed only about an hour at the actual pyramids. That includes the walk through the Sphinx. All this is available to the speaker – and often for free if you volunteer to escort the tour bus.

Enjoy some of my favorite photos:






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