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More photos of exotic places – get there for free–> give talks!

Here are more photos of places we’ve been to on cruises. We haven’t paid for a cruise since we were dating in the 80’s. My first (and only) wife does none of the adventures I do. Hiking, scuba, biking etc. She’s a knitter. OK…..I guess opposites attract. It’s been 33 years. Sigh.

The one thing we found out early on is that we like cruising. Everything is in one place for 2 weeks. No packing up daily as you move around. I am NOT a Rick Steves fan of the way he goes. One rollaway and a train ticket. Sorry. I like more than 2 pair of boxers.

So here’s a sampler of some places YOU can get to. Want to give it a go? We can teach you how. Many of our graduates keep reading this blog for poop about on the industry. Newbies are also welcome. When you want to take the leap and sail for free  –  this is the place to come.

SEE more Turkey photos

We teach – you do. . .aka DYI. Do it yourself. A 2-hr seminar will give you the roadmap to follow to get assignments. Like to talk? – share what you know more about than most people.

It’s fun.

And now the show.


Hagia Sophia Turkey


Obelisk taken by Turks from Egypt

Stone house

Where Mary lived after Christ’s death

marble marker

Site where St Paul gave his Epistle to the Ephesians

guest room

Our room for trip to Turkey

So there’s a tease to Turkey. We are so glad that we went back then. It’s going to be risky to go to many parts of Turkey with the Islamic Terrorists…aka ISIS…killing everyone who is an “infidel”. Sad

I’ll post pix of other locations in future blogs

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ByRick Deutsch

Cruising to Italy – Rome is a must-see bucket list place. Go for free by speaking!

I’ve been to Rome three times .. for free…by speaking on a ship. And I’d go back if selected to give one of my award-worthy talks. In fact, we are leaving soon for a trip Rome-Greece-Istanbul.

I took my sister there last time since you can take another person and my wife was working. You don’t dock in Rome…the port is called Civitavecchia.  This about a 2-hour bus ride to Rome. I was picked as an escort so even that tour was free. The job as an escort is just to count heads on the ship. Once we arrived, we were free to be normal tourists.

We were quite pleased in that all the good stuff is a short walk apart. We didn’t take a cab anywhere and saw the best sights. St. Peter’s Basilica lives up to its reputation. Pure opulence. A tip when visiting the actual Vatican – get there at noon – tourists get hungry and the line was acceptable.

piets statue

the pieta

When you walk thru it, it’s hard not to wonder why the church that preaches – “help the poor” does not sell all those works and donate.

Swiss guard at Vatican

Swiss guard at Vatican

The Coliseums and the old senate site: the Pantheon are well-preserved and worth a stroll. The catacombs were neat also. There are seven hills, but I could not really see them. The Tiber River runs through the city.


IMHO, one of the dumbest things was the walk to see the Trevi Fountain. It was in a famous movie last century. Toss three coins in the fountain…Zzzzz.

Watch out for the traffic. I once rented a car and drove thru the city – worse than Boston!!

Tune in for more fables.

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ByRick Deutsch

Destination Speakers on Cruise Ships Use Their Own Photos | One World Trade Center

My trip last week as a cruise ship speaker from Montreal to NYC was a blast. Cold but fun. We stopped at Quebec, Halifax, Bar Harbor,Boston, Newport and ended at New York. Saw the new One World Trade Center in Manhattan. It’s up and looks great. The beveled sides reflect the sun from every angle. Freedom Tower is the common name.

Seeing it and thinking of the disaster in 2001, makes you very sad that other humans could have done this. I recall the images of the towers falling and the huge dust clouds. As we sailed up towards the Hudson river, it made you proud to see it. Everyone of the 900 passengers was fixated and clicking shots. I took mine at 12 Megapixels, but had to shrink them to work on this WordPress site.

The Freedom Tower as viewed as the ship approached Manhattan.

The Freedom Tower as viewed as the ship approached Manhattan.

The Freedom Tower up close - reflecting the sun.

The Freedom Tower up close – reflecting the sun.

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