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ByBill Belew

Cruise Ship Lecturers Wanted with Expertise on Dr. Seuss

Norwegian Getaway

A Boat in the Moat

Carnival Cruises announced that they have an exclusive partnership with Dr. Seuss Enterprises.

But what do you know about Dr. Seuss? What is his real name?

Theodor S. Geisel is the answer.

When I read this I immediately thought that Carnival may soon be looking for special interest lecturers with an expertise in this field. Not necessarily just about Dr. Seuss, but may comics or children’s books in general.

Is that you? Would you like to take a cruise?

The Boat in the Moat.

The boat in the moat

Is a ship that’s hip

With a boy named Pip

And a girl with a tote.

Up the ramp

When it’s damp.

Into the sun

For a day of fun.

The boat in the moat

Doesn’t gloat.

But it does float

And the director’s a goat

That writes a note

Which when he is done was wrote

on a boat in a moat.

Okay, I get it. I am not Dr. Seuss.

But I do know some things about children’s books. But not enough to be a special interest speaker on the topic.

But maybe you are that expert.

Reach out to us.

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ByRick Deutsch

Speakers on ships: Medical care is there in case of emergencies

We talked about some medical emergencies and the real world. People do get ill. When you may have well over 2,000 people of all ages and medical condition sailing for 2 weeks, the odds are a few will need emergency treatment.

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On a recent speaking trip on Crystal Cruises, I poked around to see what the medical room was all about. Like most ships, they a have a full time medical doctor on board.  They are not staff, but sail for free, just like us speakers. The “clinic” is well able to take care of most contingencies. There were a few “I gotta cold,”  “I have a cut,” or “I need seasick pills” type cases. Don’t expect to see X-Ray machines or other heavy duty equipment. Many ships have a small operating room that they can take care of appendectomies, set bones and other small operations. Usually, it’s best to off load the patient at the next port that will have a full emergency room to deal with heart, lung, kidney, pancreas, etc problems.

A "real" doctor will be on every cruise

A “real” doctor will be on every cruise

Now, even if you are a healthy specimen….”stuff” happens. As a speaker, you are both kinda crew and passenger. During your application you will need to provide proof (copies) of you health insurance.AND it has to also cover you internationally. If you are treated off ship, make sure your credit card is with you as you will have to pay then work with your insurance to get reimbursed.

And a bit of the macabre. With so many seniors taking their dram vacation, don’t be alarmed if one or two die during the cruise. Death is part of living. On mega ships of 4,000 – 5,000 passengers, like a small city, the Grim Reaper may also have a boarding pass.
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ByBill Belew

Five 2014 Cruise Ship Trends for Speakers and Travelers

Bon Voyage!

2014 Cruise Ship Trends

It’s not the way things used to be, nor is it the way things are going to be.

Trends in the Cruise Ship industry effect the Special Interest Cruise Ship Lecturer.

Here are 5 cruise ship trends for 2014.

1. Build Your Own Cruise – people don’t mind paying more or less if they can get what they want or not have to pay for what they don’t want.

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2. Short Escape or Get Away Cruises – think 2, 3 or 4 days around the Bahamas or from LA to Acapulco.

3. Accommodating Smokers or not – Cruise lines from Disney to Cunard to Royal Caribbean to Seabourn are following “the smoking lamp is out.” policies

4. Personalized bookings for ports of call – more choices of things to do, smaller groups. You want it, we will bring it to you.

5. Better Cruise Ship Lecturers – One of my agents (I have 5 covering ALL the cruise lines) recently told me that they were looking for “meaty” presentations. Going beyond infotainment and delivering real substance to the cruisers.

The last one is especially of interest to me. Indeed, cruisers are on vacation. But they also want there to be good reason to give up 1 to 4 hours to hear what the speaker dude has to say.

We can teach you how to raise the level of your talks.

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