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ByBill Belew

Kindle Owner Jeff Bezos Airlifted off of Cruise Ship in Galapagos Islands

Kindle Reading

Kindle Reading

In my ever evolving check list of things to take / not take with me on my cruise ship speaking gig one thing I NEVER forget is my Kindle reader.

I always take my Kindle with me ON cruise ship lecture gigs.

It struct me as somewhat ironic that the owner of the Kindle, Jeff Bezos, was taken OFF a cruise ship.

Speaking of evolving, he was in the Galapagos Islands when he had to be emergency evacuated.  Reason: Kidney stone removal.

What a way to spend the first day of the New Year, eh?

I was on a cruise ship at the time in the Gulf of Mexico, on my way back from Cozumel.

Celebrity invited me to speak on Social Media. My wife, daughter and in-laws were along for the ride.

Bezos is worth $25+ billion. Which begs the question, “Why doesn’t he buy his own cruise ship?” He could fly people on and off the ships with those little pilotless copters he is thinking of. Or maybe he could have captain-less ships.

He was helicoptered to Santa Cruz port, took a short flight to Baltra Island where he got on his private jet which was waiting to take the 49-year old to the US for treatment. Now we see the $25 billion.

Who said cruising couldn’t be exciting, eh?

How about you? Want to speak on a cruise ship? Maybe Bezos will be in the audience. Maybe you know emergency evacuation procedures. That’d be a great topic.


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ByBill Belew

3 ways to improve innovation in your cruise ship presentations

Risk Takers are More Creative

Risk Takers are More Creative

Not everyone is comfortable with innovation.

I once visited DoGaddy HQ outside of Phoenix.

The company is famous (notorious?) for ALWAYS making changes to their interface.

I asked them, “Are you guys every going to stop moving stuff around?”

Very loud laughter was the response.

Innovating is in their blood.

There are 3 things the public speaker/ cruise ship seminar leader can do to ensure they can innovate.

1. Increase your knowledge. Read more. Read things OUTSIDE of your normal interests. Warning – don’t buy the book unless you are going to read the whole thing. But read, watch, listen. Try TED talks, for example.

Related: Book Bill to speak to your group about how to be more innovative.

2. Think. Martin Luther King Jr. said that nothing pains some people more than having to think. Take your thoughts with you to the gym or during your commute and let them incubate. Dwell on them. Do the Old Testament version of mediate = chew the cud. Milk every idea for what it has to offer.

3. Experience Life. Try stuff. Do stuff. Go places, Eat things. Do something, anything that you are not used to. Remember the joy of discovering or learning to detest something new. Both make for great fodder for innovation to your presentation.

Try any or all of these 3 ways and your innovation in your presentations will improve … or your money back. 😎

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ByRick Deutsch

A speaking opportunity for prepared cruise ship lecturers

Stuck in ice - opportunity for speakers!

Stuck in ice – opportunity for speakers!

48 passengers and 20 crew members passengers have been trapped on a Russian ice breaker in Antarctica. Stuck 1500 miles “south” of Tasmania. It’s a scientific trip to count birds in the area and drill through the ice surrounding the ship to photograph sea life. The MV Akademik Shokalskiy got stuck in ice estimated to be 8 meters thick. China’s Snow Dragon is the first ship to render help.

Folks on board were going nuts trying to find things to do. Enter YOU as a good speaker. If you were a quailed speaker, you could easily secure an audience to listen to your talks. Try to keep MANY talks on your laptop and ready to go. Think of the rapt audience who want “something to do” while waiting for rescue. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t get publicity and even follow-on gigs based on your observation of the happenings. What a great story this would make.

Antarctica or the Med or the Baltic. “Stuff happens” – be prepared to step in and  ply your craft!




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