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ByRick Deutsch

Ride a luxury cruise ship to Alaska

Bald Eagle - symbol of Alaska and America's strength/

Bald Eagle – symbol of Alaska and America’s strength/

When you ask people about cruising, they often say they’d like to see the Mediterranean, the Baltic or the Caribbean. Fair enough – all nice regions. But the easiest and one of the best is to our own Alaska. There are several reasons why, but paramount are that it doesn’t involve an overseas plane ride; the people speak English; and they take dollars! Kidding aside, Alaska is the last great frontier.

Its history is wrapped in gold, exploration, glaciers, grizzlies and oil. The stories coming out of places like Skagway are legendary. Men who had to carry six months of supplies up the steep Chilkot trail demonstrates the ruggedness of our ancestors.

The story of the Alaska Pipeline the tragedy of the Exxon Valdez still ring. Did you know that there are 616 officially named glaciers but another estimated 100,000 unnamed glaciers in the state? The eagles have made a comeback and are no longer endangered. The people in Juneau, Ketchikan , and Sitka are tourist friendly.

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Why pay for your cruise to the 49th state? If you can give 4 talks on a cruise ship, you and another can travel for free. Really. See us for details.



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ByBill Belew

Crew Member Jumps Cruise Ship from San Francisco to Hawaii

Cruises are for Relaxing

Cruises are for Relaxing

Cruise ship passengers are not the only ones who jump ship from time to time.

The Coast Guard has reported that a 34-year old man was seen via surveillance footage to have intentionally jumped overboard.

The ship was still 1,000 miles from the Islands.

The ship was the Grand Princess and was sailing from San Francisco (I almost took this speaking gig!) to Hawaii.

There were 3,000 passengers and 1,000 crew members on board … minus one now.

Besides the Coast Guard, Star Princess and Horizon Reliance are helping out as well.

This whole scenario lends itself to a bunch of joke possibilities, but it is not funny that someone has lost their life.

Indeed it is sad that someone finds no other choice. This is also the second suicide I heard about today that is ‘close’ to me today.

I talk Social Media in the context of pursuing dreams. An underlying theme of all my talks is to give the listeners a reason to care about why they are listening to me. To give them something they can know and a reason to look forward to tomorrow so they can implement that knowledge.

I wish this fellow had been on the ship when I was there. I would hope for a different outcome.

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ByRick Deutsch

Industry news for cruise ship speakers | Man, or um, woman overboard!

Seasoned speakers on cruise ships need to keep up with the industry. Passengers will expect you to know what’s going on. Remember, they are taking a special vacation and it means a lot to them.

What’s with all the passengers falling off of Cruise ships lately? Royal Caribbean has had three passengers fall off their cruise ships in the last 2 weeks.
1. Rhapsody of the Seas in Australia
2. Adventure of the Seas near San Juan
3. Independence of the Seas near the Caymans

The ocean is cold and dark - stay onboard!

The ocean is cold and dark – stay onboard!

Something’s off here. While 200 people have splashed since 2000, about 20 go over on average each year. Statistics show that men tend to bail out more than women and have an average age of 41. Seems the last night is the most popular with many being drunk and going over the railings or off patios.

The 2012 Cruise Vessel Safety & Security Act requires ships to have an automatic “man-overboard” system to notice people going over. This or a device to send an alarm signal to the bridge is mandated. Word is that Royal Caribbean has not implemented theirs.

To be balanced, these ships are now like small cities. 3,000 – 4,000 people is a lot. You can expect child births and even some deaths on cruises. Seems likely that a bozo will jump (or be pushed over). It’s an easy way to have a troublesome spouse meet with an “untimely accident” with no trace of a perp. That’s why the FBI gets involved.

When you think about it, it’s actually pretty hard to go over a railing – you have to do some dedicated climbing to get over it – and there are many horizontal bars to keep all but small mice from going through. The Act says that ships must be equipped with rails not less than 42 inches above the deck.

Three in less than 2 weeks….hmmm, that could work out to nearly 80 a year at that rate.


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