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Chinese building true replica of the Titanic independent of Australian effort

We have been following the effort of Clive Parker, the billionaire Aussie, to build a floating replica of the Titanic. It’s been pushed out year after year.  As a cruise ship speaker, it’s good to know what’s going on in the industry. It’s good to talk-the-talk with passengers.

Backgrounder on the Australian effort. 

So the Qixing Energy Investment Group is spending over $150M to make a clone of the major parts of the ship. It won’t sail – but it will be a tourist trap. Pony up your Yuan at the window. They just laid the keel.

titanic replica

Titanic replica to be based in eastern China

It will be based in Lishui a city in east China,  It will be docked ties up on the Daying Qi river in Sichuan. This is in central China. So it may not attract too many westerners who want to see the Great Wall, Imperial Palace and Xian. Google map these burgs.

They will have a simulator hitting an iceberg complete with shaking. They got 20,000 technical drawing of the original ship’s plans to get everything right. Every detail. The producers of the movie cooperated.


Rooms will be as on the Titanic.

Plan on over $300 a night. Primo rooms will approach $100K  Yikes….Still, pretty cool.  It will house 1500 pax – about the same as on the Titanic original voyage.

Any comments?

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ByRick Deutsch

Taking advantage of a cruise ship | Lawsuit wants $75K from NCL

We’ve all heard of the hot coffee on the “lap” story.  Now companies have to put warnings on scissors that you are not advised to run with them. These stupid waste-of-time lawsuits cost the average cruiser money. The settlements are passed on to us.

Check this one: Norwegian Cruise Line is being sued for $75,000. Why? A kid got hit in the head on the shuffleboard court. Seems a fellow player swung one (why are you swinging a shuffle board stick?).  Whack. Hey, it must be NCL’s fault! He should be sued for being an idiot.

NCL got stuck on a reef

Clearly the fitness dept was at fault. They certainly displayed gross negligence in causing injuries and failure to uphold the Americans with Disabilities Act regulations. That was the essence of the claim by the boy’s parents. The ship should have posted that a hazardous condition exists around the shuffleboard court. Spare me.

The parents further state that NCL didn’t provide adequate supervision to those playing shuffleboard. Come on. You want a lifeguard watching ping-pong, too?  How about a guy at the slot machines to make sure people don’t suffer wrist or elbow injuries.

In addition to the money, they want all medical expenses, legal fees and all other relief the court deems just.


NCL gets sued

Besides the stupidity of this, we know that NCL will settle out of court, rather than run it legally. WAY cheaper to get off for $75K ++ than the lawyer fees.

Keep your device tuned to this frequency for all the news you need to know about the cruise industry. Oh, we forgot to tell you that we teach how to get free cruises for two by speaking.  And you will have to sign a sheet saying that you will not sue. AARRGGHH.

Got questions? Comments?  And Happy Boxing Day.

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ByRick Deutsch

Cruise industry continues to draw passengers

The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) is the Industry go-to for information about our sailing niche. As a speaker, you should be aware of our business. Looks like opportunities will continue to grow for speakers as the activity is trending up and business continues to increase. More passengers = more ships = more need for Speakers!!

a logo

The source for cruise info

Check these numbers:   In 2007, 15M people cruised….25M are forecast for 2017!  Companies plan to roll out 26 new ocean, river and specialty ships in 2017 (that’s over $6.8 billion). Longer term growth?? How about an anticipated 97 new cruise ships by 2026.

READ more about CLIA

Why the growth?   CLIA says there are 8 major factors:

  1. While Baby boomers and seniors have been the mainstay, Millennials and Generation X’ers will start spending on cruises.
  2. More people are using Travel Agents – Despite the reliance on the Internet, more people letting agents do the leg work for planning. In the last 6 years, CLIA-member travel agents doubled to 25K.
  3. River Cruises are more popular than ever. There are now 184 river cruise ships and 13 new boats being built for 2017.
  4. Stops at private islands are very popular. Currently, there are seven private islands in use. Lines are booking them on itineraries. In 2017, cruise lines will offer stops at seven of them.
  5. Cruise life is now an accepted vacation form. In a recent survey of “average” Americans, half said they would consider a cruise for their major vacation.
  6. Easy Port access. If you have ever flown for 10 hours to Europe or 22 hours to Singapore to get on a ship, the emergence of “drive-to” ports is a godsend.
  7. Lure of Celebrity Chefs – Food is important to guests Top of the line restaurants are worth the $30 they might charge.
  8. Demand for Expedition Cruises – Adventure cruise are HOT now. Exotic locals are becoming more “do it” in addition to “see it.” FYI – trips to Antarctica regularly sell out.

Keep tuned to this channel for more info on how to Speak On Cruises.

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