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ByRick Deutsch

Carnival now has a small city at sea – the AIDAnova rolls out soon

The world’s largest cruise company, Carnival Holdings, now has a monster ship. How does 6,000 passengers sound? And 1,500 crew. Yikes! That’s a small city where I come from. Births, deaths … whatever you can imagine.  The name is AIDAnova.

large cruise ship

AIDAnova Carnival’s biggest ever ship

The beast cost shy of $1 BILLION to build. What do you get for your dollars? A an elevated rope course, three waterslides, 17 restaurants and 23 bars. A first – it will run on liquefied natural gas,

It’s a thousand feet long and displaces 180,000 tons.

AIDAnova will feature a real TV studio at sea, Studio X, where programming will be created right there … in front of hundreds. (Cruiser’s got talent?)

READ about Carnival’s first trip to Cuba: in 2016

For adventure, you can climb though a mini-forest (sans monkeys), lazy down a river or scream down any of three waterslides.

To kick back, “manana” style, The Beach Club, sports a Caribbean atmosphere. It is enclosed by a dome built such that the sun shines in but any rain doesn’t.

Read this. I’ll be careful not to have fat fingers….there is a 40,000 sq ft Spa. Stop and imagine how big that is. Again — 40,000!!

The first cruise will be in December 2018. It’ll hit the Canary Islands. You can join the fun for as little as $600 per person.

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ByRick Deutsch

Are cruise staff trained on emergencies? Why are people falling overboard?

If you‘ve been keeping up with the news lately you heard that a woman fell off a ship and treaded water for 10  hours. That is no typo – again TEN hours.  Details on WHY are not public. This is the second person to fall off a ship of this cruise line in two months.

Kay Longstaff

Brit Kay Longstaff, 46, after her miraculous ordeal.

The reality is that it’s the person’s fault – end of discussion. There are mandated railing all around the ship. But when a person has too much to drink and/or sits on the railing to get a selfish (I mean selfie) photo they can lose balance and over they go. 10 hours of treading water must be a record.

In 2016, nine people went overboard…that’s about one in nearly three million passengers. And  yes, their fault.

So, are you confident in the crew to provide direction if an emergency happens? They are skilled.  The team that searched for the woman found her about 2,000 meters from where she fell off the coast of Croatia. This is a rare occurrence – but what about more minor things?

Staff, including the housekeepers, are taught maritime safety rules and regulations, emergency signals and evacuation procedures.

Back story – Modern lifeboat design.

The most important device is the life jacket. Every crew member needs to know where to locate life jackets and to help passengers in putting them. The mandatory lifeboat drill is so very important, yet many passenger talk during it.

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ByRick Deutsch

Montenegro joins the ever-expanding list of historic towns getting overrun with tourists

On this site we cater to speakers on cruise ships – and those who want to be one. We’ve blogged about the state of the ports that ships are stopping at. They unload tourists who partake of up to ten “excursions,” aka tours done by locals.  Many of those destinations are getting  tired of all the  visitors.

You can add Montenegro to that list – along with Venice, Bacelona, Mallorca, Santorini and Dubrovnik.


Montenegro yacht harbor

The main town of Kotor is ripe with history and a charm found only in medieval times.  It was sheltered from “invaders” by a wall that provided a strong defense.  Today, that same wall needs to keep tourists out!

Can you believe that this World Heritage site has over 400 cruise ships arriving a year. 400! – most come during the summer and shoulder months. Like most destinations, things slow down during winter; thus the crunch is concentrated into just a few months.

About 90 souvenir stores now populate the village. With ships getting bigger and bigger, it will only get worse.  These “cute” destinations fear when the mega-lines begin to arrive. Giant ships are a major source of concern.  The Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas, holds 5,518 passengers. Yikes.

READ our latest post about Mallorca and its problems. The mission of SpeakOnCruises is not to entertain you with stories like this…we do…but to get you interested in taking our program to help get you free cruises by giving lectures. The HIRE US page tells it all.

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