ByRick Deutsch

Frivolous lawsuits moving cost of cruises up; Judgments get passed on


For every court case brought by a “wronged” passenger, the cruise lines have to recoup by adding a few bucks to your fare.  They have to. Most are settled out of court and you’d think some of these folks are looking for ways to get hurt – then blame the ship.

We’ve talked about some of these. Walking into a sliding door. Getting hit by a stick during a shuffleboard game.  Gosh… no signs.

It’s way cheaper for the line to just pay up front rather than go to court. Their lawyers get big bucks and the plaintiff will gladly accept a few hundred grand, than risk losing their claim.


Royal Caribbean gets sued

Here’s the latest one I found. A lady filed a complaint that she suffered an ankle fracture while roller skating aboard the giant ship. Turns out she said that ping-pong balls fell onto the roller skating rink. This was on April 3. Geez, stuff happens. Why wasn’t she watching where she was going?

The case was taken to the U.S. District Court in south Florida – Miami Division. Poor “deep pockets” Royal Caribbean Cruises was accused of negligence. Why? Well they were responsible since they didn’t use reasonable practices to keep foreign objects from falling onto the skating surface. Makes me cringe.

The woman insists on a jury trial. She wants compensatory damages that are higher than the minimum this court can approve. Oh, toss in interest and costs.

If you ever need an ambulance chasing legal staff….they hang out in Miami.

Lady get a life.  Stuff happens. And someone always has to pay. Nice country we have.

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ByRick Deutsch

Anniversary of Titanic sinking – it’s rusting away

Just a few days ago, the anniversary of the April 14, 1912, sinking of the first true luxury cruise ship, the RMS Titanic passed. It sank after colliding with a huge iceberg in the North Atlantic.

It slowly sank, sending 1,514 people died, to a water grave. About 300 survived.  As a result, maritime rules were immediately improved.  The number of lifeboats onboard was standard for the time.  Really?  Only 22? For over 2,000 PAX?   Turns out there had never been a large disaster at sea  like this…before, most incidents were small and usually other ships were in the area and the lifeboats could easily ferry passengers off.

Not that day.

One estimate has that iceberg over 200 ft tall.  We recently had a cruise to Antarctica – yes, they grow that large!

What’s been happening to the old boat since?  We all have seen the movie and a few “amusement” areas offer artifacts to view.  Clive Parker – the Aussie billionaire – still says he’s going to build a replica. We’ve been waiting years for the keel laying. The Chinese are moving forward with a Titanic of their own. It will not move.

Read more about Clive Parker’s plans

Rust is eating away at the ship. Entrepreneurs are clamoring to take “guests” down for a first hand look for mega-bucks.

Many want to leave it a cemetery. What do you think?

Send us a comment. First reply in wins a Tesla Model 3. Or not.

Bonus trivia – The RMS in RMS Titanic stands for Royal Mail Service.

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ByRick Deutsch

New advances in Cruise ship entertainnment

Here’s one we had to share. You say that the ship you are on is rocking a bit? Makes you waddle down the hallways?

Here’s a very innovative idea. How about a pool table that stays level with the earth…not the swells. Amazing that a company would actually think of this….then build it…then sell it!

Check out the video!

In a way, it’s a big expense for a pool table.  Only 2 and maybe 4 can play.  Gee, 2000+ folks take a number.

Hey, a better use – a bed during rough seas.  O, O, O, that’s the ticket.  Install these into staterooms.  No one will get sick! I’m sure the high rollers would pay.  I’ve been on trips and had to hang on when trying to sleep and we went up/down/left/right.

My wife takes pills. The patch made her nauseous when she took it off. I bought her the wrist band thingies but the latest pills worked – not Dramamine.  Ginger works also. I have small boxes of it that were given to me by the owner of the Berkeley (CA) Marina. You can also drink Ginger Ale.  Keep off of caffeine.

Also, that’s what you  should drink on long flights….Ginger Ale with ice and keep off Cola’s.  I don’t drink  – not a religious thing, I just don’t like the taste of beer and I get sleepy with wine and I barfed with hard stuff.

Billiards anyone?

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