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ByRick Deutsch

Press Release: SpeakOnCruises practice what they teach

For Immediate Release

Silicon Valley, CA (July 16, 2016) co-founders, Bill Belew and Rick Deutsch, have both returned from recent speaking assignments on Princess and Crystal respectively. Mr Belew traveled down the western Mexico coast, while Mr Deutsch was in the Baltic.

The company specializes in prepping people who can speak in public, have interesting topics and have a good bio to qualify them.

man speaking

Bill Belew conducting training for aspiring cruise ship speakers

Since its creation three years ago, the firm has been contacted by over 300 prospects. The team teaches in-person and internet based classes on the industry, opportunities, ship decorum and how to apply.

Speakers usually are asked to provide four talks on one subject – each different and loaded with “InfoTainment.” Cruise audiences are typically older people, who are retired and on vacation. Self-improvement talks are not wanted. Rather, fun topics that a broad audience would be captivated by.  Mr. Belew speaks about Social media. Mr. Deutsch has many topics including Aviation.

To qualify, candidates must have a YouTube of them speaking in front of a live audience. The SpeakOnCruises staff can film/edit them locally or edit for out-of-area folks. The topic need not be the one that will be given on board. Agencies and ships will only watch a few minutes to get an idea on how the person delivers the talk.

The company’s website contains a lot of detailed information on how to enlist this support.

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ByRick Deutsch

Visit SpeakOnCruises – marvel at Silicon Valley

Many of our clients are local to the San Francisco Bay area. Some fly in for interfacing. Most non-luddites know of the innovation that comes out of our area.

We, therefore, invite all readers – client or not – to visit us. No pressure. We give tours of the local area. One place that you will marvel at is the new Apple campus. It is famous for the work that Steve Jobs did to come up with the idea of a “donut” shaped office building

Aerial photo of the new Apple campus under construction

The Cupertino Apple campus under construction

The site is moving dirt and you can see what is going on now on this YouTube video. It was taken by a person with a —oh no!! — drone. Note that he does not fly above the construction, but we get a great look at the circular shape.

We’ll take you by the One Infinity Drive current campus (with a retail store) and drool at the happy Apple workers. All this sits in Cupertino, where Jobs grew up. We can’t get inside, but you will have a good time.

As a bonus, if you sign up for our program, we’ll take you by the house he grew up in and the house he died in.

Contact us to get the ball rolling on your cruise ship speaking career.

ByRick Deutsch

Dr Bill Belew to speak on Trans-Atlantic Cruise | Azamara to sail in March

Contact: Public Relations Dept
San Jose, CA
February 3, 2014

Dr Bill Belew to speak on Trans-Atlantic Cruise | Azamara to sail in March/April

Dr Bill Belew of Sunnyvale, CA, will be a featured Special Interest speaker on Azamara Lines this spring. The ship travels from Florida to Nice with stops in the Azores, Gibraltar, Cartagena, Mahon Menorca, Cannes and on to Nice. The voyage will have nine seas days. Lectures are given primarily when the ship is at sea.

Dr. Bill Belew holds a Doctorate of Education and an MFA. Most recently he taught social media marketing in the MBA program at the International Technological University. He has served six years as the Dissertation Advisor for PhD candidates at the University of Phoenix. As President/CEO of CosmoFairNetwork, he manages the largest blog network in Asia.

His talks will comprise:

Talk 1: Social Media – What’s all the hype about anyway?

Talk 2: Facebook – Connecting with long lost friends and family

Talk 3: Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + – Where to start?

Talk 4: The King of Social Media – How to Beat Anybody at Anything

Dr Belew is a principal of, A Silicon Valley enterprise that conducts group webinars, technical instruction on the tools speakers need to master, individual webinars, and in-person face-to-face consulting. Their website displays a robust blog with free information to visitors. A free white paper program is also available and monthly Meetups for interested parties in the Bay Area of San Jose. SpeakOnCruises has relations with industry agencies to assist in the placement of qualified speakers.