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ByRick Deutsch

Cruise Ship Speakers: You want free trips? Keep track of your leads

When you are in a  missionary mode and trying to land speaking gigs, it’s easy to lose track of all the little shards of paper with contact info. From the git-go, use an organized method. ACT is one that many use. It’s a robust Customer Relations Management (CRM) package.  I did not learn about it until I was well into the speaking world. I had kept all my contacts in a WORD document. Funky, but it works for me. The task of transferring all the contact data overwhelmed me, so I didn’t. Kinda dumb, but the rainy day never came to do this.

                                                                  ACT is a great CRM package
ACT is a great CRM package

When I bought ACT ($269 for basic package) I saw that it was a great organization tools. it would allow you to pinpoint every contact you make with a prospect. You can get reminders to follow up with courtesy emails. This is invaluable to keep you on their radar.  Current customers are also able to be followed.

Whatever you chose, do it early in your quest for speaking assignments. I have to use the WORD “find” tool to get to mine.


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ByBill Belew

How the professional cruise ship speaker can evoke emotion

Cruise Ship Speaker

Cruise Ship Speaker

At a recent brainstorming session with a group of speakers from the National Speaker’s Association we created a list of desirable skills, needed skills for speakers.

Read: The Full List of Skills for a Professional Speaker from that session, but not the full list of skills needed. That might be much longer, or shorter deciding on groupings.

One of the skills on the list was – can evoke emotion.

Indeed, people remember more about what they felt than what they heard at most any given time.

“Boy, did he make me mad.”

“I can’t remember exactly what he said or how he put it, but I am madder than … ”

Many of us have heard a similar exchange.

Determining the emotions is something for others to disagree about.

But I will go with: anger, fear, joy, disgust, sadness, surprise, hate and love.

With that in mind, what does it take to get our listeners to feel one or more of these emotions?

How do we make our listeners angry? Or make them hate? Or sad, surprised and so on?

The answer lies in the speaker.

The speaker must first feel the emotion. His/her words must express the feeling they have pent up inside.

“I am so mad = angry, I could, just, just scream!”

That won’t do it.

M L King was angry in his “I Have A Dream” speech. And he never screamed.

Ask yourself if you can explain why you are sad or why something so disgusts you. If the answer is yes, try it. Then try to get someone to understand you.

One of the dumbest things speakers can say is, “I am so excited.” Or “I am so happy.” Or, “This really makes me sad.”

If you are experiencing such emotions, your mannerisms – open hands, clenched fist, your words – shaking, quickened cadence, whispering and so on will come naturally to you. And it will be different for each speaker, too! Don’t mimic others, do it your way.

Be emotional and your listeners will, too. Be stolid, cold, expressionless and expect a similar response.


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ByBill Belew

How the cruise ship speaker can assemble a good marketing team

Cruise Ship Speaker - Belew

Cruise Ship Speaker – Belew

In a previous article on marketing teams for cruise ship speakers I listed up:

Elements of a good marketing team:

1. A good product.

2. A good project manager.

3. A closer.

4. A good admin.

5. A good gopher.

Too often all five of these are done by 3 people – me, myself and I. Or by two people. A husband and wife team.

There’s another way to get a good team together, but it ain’t easy.

My team came from my students.

I do/did a lot of speaking where I just sucked it up and did all my own booking, managing, creative thinking, collecting and and and …

But in that course of time, provided you are good enough and I am, you gain a following. And from that following you can get ‘super fans’ for lack of a better word.

Those super fans make for great team members provided they are available and interested and, this is a big AND, if you don’t have any money, they are willing to work on a commission basis or revenue share.

This is what I did. My project manager was a student. My closer is a client/student. Both of them feel so strongly about what I have taught them that they wanted to work with me even they got paid by the results they generated. No results, no money.

My admin is my wife. My gopher is an online service … Taskrabbit and Fiverr. I tap into them as needed.

And voila’ I have my team.

How about you? How did you build your team?


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