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ByBill Belew

How the professional cruise ship speaker can improve use of props

Cruise Ship Speaker - Belew

Cruise Ship Speaker – Belew

I don’t use props when I speak.

But a group of National Speaker Association members decided in a brainstorming session that this was a skill speakers need to improve to be better at their craft.

I guess that means me.

But I am not inclined to carry ‘stuff’ with me when I travel. And more often than not the crowds I am speaking to are too large to see anything that I could carry in my backpack or hold up in my hand. Of course, if there is a big screen projection, that’s a different story.

My expertise = the subject of my talks does not lend itself to props. I don’t demonstrate products or juggle – though I have thought about the juggling … or maybe folding origami while I do my talk. But I don’t know how to do either.

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There was a time when I was speaking at churches and a point I wanted to make was that church people need to know how others are doing … I mean really doing. No superficial greetings and artificial smiles.

I illustrated the point by asking if everyone knew how they thought I was doing. I was suited up and even had a tie … as well as other articles of clothing.

But while I talked, I kicked off my shoes and displayed my socked feet with the toes missing. Then I took off my jacket, turned around and showed a dress shirt with the back ripped off. I looked pretty good until I showed everyone what was underneath. It was pretty effective.

Speakers would do well to give listeners something visual to go with their words. And if the speaker can far beyond a deck of powerpoint slides s/he will be leaps ahead of the competition.

Give your listeners something to see and touch to go along with what they are hearing.


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ByRick Deutsch

3-prong outlet adapters are invaluable for professional cruise ship speakers | Pearl Harbor Kit

In this series, we will be giving speakers some very valuable tips on products that you really need to get. I call it a “Pearl Harbor Kit.” I made that up, because we all know that the USA was caught unprepared for the Japanese Bombing on December 7, 1941. Not me. I want to be prepared for my talks with everything I need to be successful on ANY speaking assignment.

I put these things into a small zip-lock plastic bag. It is always in my computer case.

First up is a three prong outlet converter. As you can see in this photo, it changes a single outlet into three.

Professional Cruise ship Speakers need a 1-to-3 adapter.

Professional Cruise ship Speakers need a 1-to-3 adapter.

This is a nice unit that I bought. VERY handy.

Click to get yours => 3-Grounded Outlet Adapter

So what do you care? All you need is one plug. OK, did you ever go to a Starbucks, McDonald’s or other free wi-fi site and find that all the outlets were taken? Pull out your 1-to-3 splitter and you get 110v electricity and save your battery! Put this into YOUR Pearl Harbor Kit.

More items in future blogs.

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ByBill Belew

Special Interest Cruise Ship Speakers Needed in Singapore and Hong Kong | Tai Chi Anyone?

Do you know Tai-chi?

One of the agents I deal with is asking for a special interest cruise ship speaker to cruise from Hong Kong to Singapore and back.

The special interest? Tai Chi.

Do you know Tai-chi? Can you teach others?

We have helped others and we can help you get this gig and others like it.


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