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ByBill Belew

How the professional cruise ship speaker can become more experienced

Cruise Ship Speaker - Belew

Cruise Ship Speaker – Belew

What’s the best way to become a better piano player?

Read more books on how to play the piano.   Not.

What’s the best way to become a better skier?

Read more books on how to ski.  Not.

What’s the best way to become a better rock climber?

Read more books on how to rock climb.  Not.

Nothing beats fingers to the keys, skis to the slopes and feet and hands to the rocks. Read, nothing beats experience.

The same can be said about speaking.

But how do you get more experience speaking?

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It’s tough to get speaking experience when you must depend on someone else to let you have it. It is tough to do most anything when you have to depend on someone else.

Volunteer. Depending on your expertise your venue and opportunities will change, but chances are there is always a group of people who want to know what you know and don’t want to pay. Volunteer to give it to them for free … to a point.

Sunday School … unless church is not your thing.

But my favorite place to get practice, try out new things is Meetup. For $72 over 6 months, that’s like 40 cents a day, you can organize a group or groups around your topic, 3 aspects of your topic or 3 different topics and Meetup will put out the word for you. All you have to do is provide, topics, time and place and people will show up.

And you speak = get experience = make improvements = test the waters = get better.


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ByRick Deutsch

Earplugs are invaluable for professional cruise ship speakers | Pearl Harbor Kit

As a professional speaker, I have a zip-lock lock bag with all the essentials I need to be well prepared for almost any contingency. I call it a “Pearl Harbor” kit.

Today I want to share my experience with ear plugs. I find them EXTREMELY useful when using public wifi sites. Coffee shops, hamburger shacks and muffin shops are all offering wifi to draw you in. The problem is that they are very noisy. Customers are yelling, kids are screaming and other “hackers” are wheeling and dealing. Many have loud music playing (I think to drive people out after being served.)  I jam my earplugs in so far they actually touch! :>)  There are many on the market. Here’s a shot of my collection

The ones at the 4 o'clock position are the best.

The ones at the 4 o’clock position are the best.

The best I have found are callHearos Earplugs High Fidelity Series.” They are shaped like little Christmas trees, with the decreasing smaller cones.


The small end goes into your ear canal. They block up to 20 decibels of sound. They are washable and seem to last years. I do not like the kind that feel like putty. I also don;t use the foam ones. These are all one-time use only and never seal all the noise. Also perfect for use on airplanes.  if you trim down the “shaft” you can even sleep in them. I do – it’s like being in an immersion tank.

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More items in future blogs.

Click to get yours => Earplugs


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ByRick Deutsch

GREEN laser pointers are invaluable for professional cruise ship speakers | Pearl Harbor Kit

Continuing our series on things speakers MUST have with them in their  “Pearl Harbor Kit.” <<The USA was caught unprepared for the Japanese Bombing on December 7, 1941.>>  Similarly, I want to be prepared for any speaking contingencies). Today we now talk about your laser pointer. To the point, save your money and time with those wimpy RED lasers that most slide clickers come with. They just don’t put out enough light. Even free standing units pale in comparison to bright GREEN LASER ones. That’s all I use.

The green dot really draws the eye to what you are showing. Red lasers tend to get lost on color photograph slides; their power is just too low and the “dot” is tiny. Green lasers use 2 AAA batteries; keep some extra. The middle of the unit unscrews to load the batteries. You will get about four 60 minute talks out of them. Green lasers are pretty hard to find in electronic stores. If you do find them, you will be seeing prices above $25. Enter the internet. I have bought mine (I got a spare) from a reliable company on line…. the price? Under $10!!!

Click to get yours => GREEN laser pointer


More items in future blogs.

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