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ByRick Deutsch

The luxury cruise market in 10 years | some surprises

pie chart market share

2027 market share for luxury cruise lines


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Cruising is a very fast growing segment. A good economy is feeding the trend to sailing. Figures of 25 million worldwide passengers is predicted for 2018.

Giant floating cities with over 7,000 souls-on-board are taking a big chunk of folks on their lifetime treat.

While the senior crowd is well … dying off …the lines are targeting the older millenials who are starting to run companies. This crowd is spending.

I live near Google and the salaries are astronomical. A lot of Ferraris are sold in Silicon Valley.

As a result, when they plan a vacation they go top banana. Ultra-luxury. I speak on many classes of ships – Ultra luxury is the way to go…if you can get it free. I do. I give talks. You can to. We’ll teach you.

To show you the market share of this segment, Cruise Industry News has come out with their forecasted ranking.

Backstory: Learn how to be a speaker on ships

As can see, Viking is pushing hard to overtake the traditional leaders, Crystal, SilverSea, Seabourn, Oceania. Viking will be have 18 ships by then.

Viking has spent big bucks to penetrate hard. NEW ships seem to be rolling out every 6 months. They have owned the river boat market and want to dominate the high seas.

To get a slot, you need to be a destination speaker. They don’t want enrichment talks. Boo – that’s my forte.

Send us a comment. Tell us what you want to talk about. If you can handle audiences, have the credentials and a desire – you’re in good shape.

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ByRick Deutsch

Add Bergen, Norway to the list of towns who have had enough of cruise ship crowds

Bergen is Norway’s busiest cruise destination. But like many other “hot tourist spots,” the citizens are in an uproar over the hordes that are taking over the ambiance of their village.

cruise ship

Big ships wearing out their welcome in Norway

The port is asking for permission to reduce the number of cruise ships to three per day or a maximum of 8,000 cruise passengers.

Small neighborhoods are being overrun by gawkers. 14 story ships look like Godzilla rolling into port. Note Vince, Italy: the same view is there. With the constant flow of tourists, locals have no privacy.

Don’t the businesses love the new customers?  Well, actually, people pay a lot of money to just get on the ship and say they are “just looking.”  Maybe, they will spring for a $10 TShirt or a ‘fridge magnet for $2.00. Cruise passengers tend to touch but not buy anything but Chinese made souvenirs. They eat free onboard so they smuggle food off and don’t eat at local restaurants.

Learn what Venice is doing to curb the crowds

Pollution is beginning to be visible.  Bergen wants cruise ships to use electricity or hydrogen by 2026. The government is now defining the regulations.

All this while Norway wants visitor growth to rise 2.5%per year from 2018 until 2028,

Oslo is the place that folks want to see. But even that city’s cruise growth has not risen much. High berthing costs are not attractive to the ship lines. Frankly, Norwegian ports on the West Coast are cheaper and easier for European cruises to get to.

The people want the arriving masses cut back. One party proposed a total ban on cruise ships in Oslo.

Of course, the other side says that cruise traffic is as an “asset.”

Tune in next week for another entrancing story from SpeakOnCruises.

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ByRick Deutsch

Speakers – a tip to keep your talk successful when all fails.

On a recent cruise I was set up to give five enrichment talks. Oh, I sail for free by giving these kind of Enrichment talks. Today was “Aviation.”

speaker on stage

Speaking on a cruise ship to Alaska

When I got backstage, the speaker before me was going way over his 45 minutes. So he left me with only 5 to set up – not the 15 we are supposed to get.

Well, the “house” system would not let my video and audio both run together. It got my PowerPoints OK, but short video clips either did not play or the sound track was quiet. Not good. In the few remaining moments before the 400 person audience would be restless and walk out….the staff pulled up their laptop and I put my USB backup in. It has my entire file on the talk.

If you only have the actual PowerPoint, you will not be able to access your videos! Well, it all worked fine on their PC. Odd.  I use Office 2003 – they were current – so maybe they are not 100% compatible. Way to go Microsoft!

The show went on and I got good reviews….but underneath I was upset at the previous speaker for cutting hard into my time. I later met with the techies and after playing with various  cables (this ship only uses VGA – not HDMI ) to no avail, they think that the “dual monitor” setting on mine has to be manually set.  All this despite everything working on other ships.


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