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ByRick Deutsch

Millenials are the new demographic that cruise lines are seeking

Older man

Cruise lines are no longer targeting older passengers

With the passage of time, the older cruise passengers are starting to fade from taking cruise trips. While they were the staple of the lines, many are getting burned out and have “been there, done that.”  Baby boomers are a strong segment (10,000 boomers retiring every day), but they are beginning to stay near their grandkids and live on fixed incomes.

The ships need to feed the pipeline and the logical target are those 18-35 . . . the so called Millennial Generation. You know them – they say “like” every 5th word and are glued to their iPhones.

The cruise lines got the message and are rolling out activities targeted to them. Royal Caribbean dry docked the Mariner of the Seas for a $120M make over. RC is spending nearly a billion — no typo) to modify ten of their ships.

The toys for millennial tastes?  A bungee trampoline, a bike that is suspended in the air, live bands and sports bars that live stream events.

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Another tactic is shorter duration trips. The millennials have short attention spans and shorter tips provide that instant gratification. They are not interested in a 2-week jaunt around the Mediterranean reading books.

This is a blog targeted to those that want to sail for free. The message for us that that you better begin to tailor your talks to that younger audience.  They won’t get your jokes about Groucho Marx or Jimi Hendrix or your talk on the impact of the Cold War. Sorry – they just don’t know!

Give us a shout. We’re pretty good at helping people live the dream – we do. My next trip is through the Panama Canal – my 4th time, but the Mrs. has not been.  F R E E.

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ByRick Deutsch

How to get cheap airfare to your next cruise speaking assignment

Most assignments to lecture on ships do not include airfare. Some do, but most have you get there on your own.

Work with your agent on this insider tip. Inquire about “marine rates.”  Crews get decent discounts for travel to/from their ships. Think about it. There are thousands of cruises that go out annually. The parent Cruise Line books a heck of a lot of passengers AND crew on airlines.

They get discounts. If they concur, have your cruise line book your travel and request marine rates. Don’t bug your agency – they have enough to do.

ship sailing

Don’t miss your flight to ship connection. They will leave without you.

Also ask about getting transfers through them. This is critical. If you try to get from the air terminal to the berth – you are at risk of not getting here. New cabbies may not know where to go. Buses can take forever. If you miss the departure – YOU need to get to the next port on your own. Ugh.

If you under the cruise line’s umbrella, you will be met after Customs with a name sign. Whew, what a relief after a LONNG flight. They will guide you to your luggage – even get it and move it to a bus for you. If that bus is late – it’s on the ship to get you to your ship.

Keep the port contact info if you do have travel problems. Tell them your situation and they will work with you. They often have workarounds. BUT they will not hold the ship full of 2,000+++ guests just for you.

We share these kind of tips on this blog and MORE in our seminar. See the HIREUS page for the process.  Make the move. Sail for free.

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ByRick Deutsch

Words to avoid when public speaking; these will make your audience cringe.

Public Speaking is a hard job. Not everyone can do it. Next to death itself it’s the most feared activity! You will have trouble get your information across when you use irritating words and phrases. Some sudiences will actually count the number of times you use them in a talk.

man speaking

Speakers rehearse to get hackneyed phrases out

“Uh” –  This is the #1 breather that the brain uses to get the next thought organized.  Yes, I hear Congressmen do it a lot.  Listen to Nancy Pelosi.

“You know” – No, we don’t know. Tell us and stop saying this.

“Well” – Also a place holder.

“So” – So What? Avoid this. Many begin sentences with “so”….

“Like” – the Millennial contribution to the language. Like is a good word when used properly .… as in “I like you” or “a bicycle is like a motorcycle.” But when every 10th word is “like” it gives older people pause. Like get rid of it! You will like be much happier and like you will do better in your evaluations and the audience will be like happy.

“I mean” – Of course you mean it. Don’t tell me in advance that you really mean what you are going to say.

“You see” – yes, I have eyes. Don’t say this unless you want me to look at something.

“OK” – yes, it’s fine. Continue on.

“He goes” – This one is not much so a public speaking use; but it can creep in…but it still bugs me as in: “I told my wife we should go out to dinner. She’s like: no, I cooked chicken.”

HELP is here – Read: We teach Pubic Speaking

Comment and tell us what grates you.


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