ByRick Deutsch

Be productive on your international flights. | A few private hours can get your to-do list done!

As a speaker you need to be ready to take L O N G flights to meet up with your ship. It’s easy to kick back and snooze or read a book for the 10 hour flight to Athens.

I suggest you don’t sleep to much (Unless it’s a read-eye) or watch movies that are “airline” bad….well, they ARE on airlines after all. If you can, get an upgrade seat in coach that will let your laptop open wide.

I am writing this on an AeroMexico flight to Chili. Yes, another free cruise.

M symbol

Gmail offline – in the APPS box

My first recommendation. Get GMAIL. It is https – very secure to keep those Eastern Europeans out of your knickers.  I realize that Google knows everything we’ve ever done…but at some point, you gotta cave. They have so many useful tools that it’s hard to live in a Google-free world.

SEE – Rome is a great destination

Gmail has the best spam blocker. If you get a spam email….that link is sent to all other Gmail accounts to block it for them also!  They are put in your spam folder waiting your final decision to trash them. I scan them but rarely find one that is a false positive. I know folks with other accounts – well, Yahoo and EarthLink are two – that say they get over 40 bogus emails in their inbox daily.

The other advantage is you can invoke “Gmail off-line.” With this free tool, you can read old emails and reply or send new ones on the plane when you are disconnected.  They are cached and blasted out when you are next connected. At that time, your incoming messages are zipped into your off-line “in” box. Neato torpedo. You can disconnect and read/answer at your convenience. This saves a lot of $$$ since you are off line most of the time.

Google Drive and Docs allow you to send huge files (PowerPoints) that don’t crank out bit at a time. I’ve gotten away form Dropbox.   It;s more hassle than DRIVE, and easy for the other person to open.

On a cruise ship you may be paying 75-cents a minute for internet. That bites the big one. In our seminar class, we show you how to (maybe) get it way cheaper.



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ByRick Deutsch

What do you wear to meals on cruise ships? Standards vary by line.

This is not the 1990’s. Things change everywhere and that includes how to dress on cruise ships.

If you are reading this, you probably want to be a speaker. Free cruises for two are a good deal. If not, welcome – we provide a lot of real-people news that you can use.

OK, in the real ”old days” people wore a coat and tie all the time. Those days ended with the moon landing. Today, anything goes – within bounds. Not that long ago, we wore that uniform to work…then we saw casual Friday, then Hawaiian-shirt Friday…now if you show up in more than torn jeans and a TShirt you are subject to stares.

There are 4 classes of cruise ships: 1. All inclusive, 2. Luxury, 3. Contemporary, and 4. Premium.  If you can’t guess the difference, 1 & 2 are expensive. Think dressy. 3 & 4 are cheaper and they attract passengers that may not even own a tie, so they allow more basic clothes.

Class 4 ships entertain the “club med” crowd and don’t use speakers, so we’ll skip them. Here are the basic definitions:

Casual: Sport shirts and slacks for men, sundresses or pants for women.
Smart Casual: Jackets and ties for men, dresses or pantsuits for women.
Formal: Suits and ties or tuxedos for men, cocktail dresses for women.

Bare feet or bathing suits are not allowed at any time in the dining room and shorts are not permitted at dinner.

Formal Nights are being phased out. Hauling a 10-pound tuxedo monkey-suit cuts into the 50 lb airline limit. Many women (my wife) does not like to pack 2-3 gowns just to impress total strangers. I get by with a dark suit for my talks and the formal nights – if we even attend. Hamburgers by the pool work for us.

As a speaker, you represent the ship – look good at all times. Toss in 3 neckties and you answer the mail.  Ladies – you are on your own here. We have no women on staff at SpeakOnCruises. Send us an application!


The former Captain of the Costa Concordia will be wearing an orange suit – after appeals, he’s now marching off to serve 16-years in an Italian prison. READ the backgrounder.

ship captain

Francesco Schettino heads to prison.


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ByRick Deutsch

Is “Melody of the Seas” the name of the next Royal Caribbean Oasis-class ship?

Royal Caribbean is busy building more colossal ships. The 5th in their offerings will be called the Melody of the Seas. – Well, that’s the buzz. They have not officially  named it. Industry pundits are picking up vibes that the ship’s moniker will be the Melody. Folks, these are floating cities, literally. They can hold more people than live in most Iowa towns!

larger cruise ship

OASIS class Royal Caribbean cruise ship

How does 8,500 humans sound?   Hope everyone wears name tags to keep things intimate. Gosh, you could get lost for weeks on one of these.

It is years away but is in line to be constructed. Look for it in 2021.

The 4th in what they call their “OASIS” class is the Symphony of the Seas.  It is being built at the STX shipyard in France. Push-out is about a year away. It will be 230,000 gross tons…..and the Melody will be even bigger.

If you are keeping score, there are the 3 existing (aka sailing) ships in the Oasis Class:

Harmony of the Seas
Allure of the Seas
Oasis of the Seas

Oasis has been out since 2009 and got spiffed up in a 2014 dry-dock.

Read a summary of the Oasis class

Anyone out there been on one of these ships?   I’d love to take a trip – just to see it.

Send us a note.


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