Work hard and you’ll get a free cruise for two by giving lectures

ByRick Deutsch

Work hard and you’ll get a free cruise for two by giving lectures

SpeakOnCruises has been at this thing we do for a couple years now. As a scan of this website shows, we know how to get quality speakers onboard. We have over 10 years of experience.

dining and serving area

What’s the food like on a cruise ship? AWSOME

Our entire staff is dedicated to working with prospective speakers. We see seasoned speakers and rookies as well. We have been there – done that – shrunk the TShirt. We have gotten so many gigs over the years that we try to limit ourselves to two cruises per year.  This give us more time to work with you – work FOR you. Oh, you will not pay us a penny after you graduate.

We love sailing and we love to speak. Do you? Why not combine the two?

Running our website is a lot of fun. We do it for you. You will notice that we write an informative blog EVERY DAY.  (We do take weekends off to be with our families.)  A lot of free information – not only about the cruise industry, If you subscribe it makes it easy for you to keep current.  We also talk about how to improve your public speaking.

You work – we work – we dig out the news stories that you need to know about. Norovirus. A Titanic clone ship being built. New huge ships coming out.  Buyouts. We find out – you find out.

Learn more=> the “new” Titanic

Let us help you. We’ll get back to you quick-like-a-bunny.


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