Wildlife watching on a cruise ship: they’re out there.

ByRick Deutsch

Wildlife watching on a cruise ship: they’re out there.

One of the suggested things we recommend doing on a cruise ship is to take a break from your assignment as a speaker and just go out on the deck.

Breathe the sea air. It will be cold when moving at 20 knots. In the back is the best place. Often one side is calm and the other a hurricane.

It’s fun to just gaze out into the open ocean and check out what’s going on.

Quite often birds will be alongside. It is amazing that they can be out there miles from shore. The albatross can stay up months!

If you look close, you may see dolphins jumping. Those guys really like to have fun. If you do run by a pod, watch as they bounce up and over. Spinner dolphins actually do spin in mid-air. You may only see them for a few minutes – then they are gone. But, they are mammals and breathe air. So where do they go? Swimming deep is an answer, but sooner or later they have to surface.

Watching dolphins surfing the bow wave

Watching dolphins surfing the bow wave

If you are on a small boat, go to the front when dolphins are around. They will ride the bow wave and just for fun. And they always have a smile on their faces.  They are just behind homo sapiens on the intelligence charts. I believe that if they had hands….they’d be driving the cars!

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