What’s it like to be inside the bridge of a cruise ship?

ByRick Deutsch

What’s it like to be inside the bridge of a cruise ship?

Since 911, most tours of areas of ships are highly restricted. They used to give tours of the cabin and engine room. Oh well. You CAN still get a quickie of the kitchen. Yawn.

I recently was destination speaker on a cruise that went from LA to Ensenda to Santa Barbara to San Fran. A big thrill was being allowed to narrate over the whole ship as we went under the Golden Gate Bridge. I had to be escorted in by the Cruise Director with permission of the Captain.

a a room with chairs and monitors

Cruise ship bridge

The room is a like a giant control tower. Lots of monitors with traces and blips and lines of text. About 7 men were there…sorry no women.  The Captain sat in a nice comfy chair. There was even a large wheel like in Captain Ahab’s day.

The view was awesome. Remember, we were about 140 feet above the water.  The skipper told me to be brief since a previous man droned on until they were almost docked. Once the pilot got on board – I was told to scoot.

As I spoke, there was a lot of pressure not to flub. People in the sauna, the gym and the cabins could all hear me. No time for a stutter or Uh Uh.

I know a lot about the SF Bay and the various points of interest so it went well. The bridge was neat, but you can get the same experience looking on the internet.

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