What Do Weight Loss and Speaking on a Cruise Ship Have in Common (Part 8)

ByBill Belew

What Do Weight Loss and Speaking on a Cruise Ship Have in Common (Part 8)

In this introduction post I explained how I came upon this 12-part series of Weight Loss and Speaking on a Cruise ship. Please take a look.

Here in part 8 I want to address question 8 with a twist.

8.) If I found myself suddenly dying, what action would I be compelled to take?
Prioritize the points in your presentation

Prioritize the points in your presentation

This question is pretty dark. Even philosophical to some degree. But the gist of the question is have you considered what is absolutely the most important thing to you?

When making a presentation on board ship or anywhere for that matter, have you asked yourself what is the one thing, the one point that come hell or high water I will get across. And I will get it across the most effective way possible?

Have you prioritized the points in your presentation?

What if your talk was cut from 60 minutes to 45 minutes moments before you went on stage? (This happened to me a couple of weeks ago).

“Sorry, you only have 30 minutes now. 20 minutes.”

Do  you feel sometimes in your talks an undying desire to get ‘this’ across, whatever ‘this’ might be for you?

It is a terrific privilege to be given a stage, to be given 30 minutes or an hour or more out of someone’s vacation. Suppose there were 70 people in the audience and you spoke for an hour. That’s 70 hours. (I did that math in my head.)

Make it your aim for the audience to walk out thinking, “I am sure glad I was there this last hour.”

Your audience will be glad you did and so will you.

Talk to us to get on board as a cruise ship speaker. You know you want to.
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