Want to speak on an Australian cruise ship? Here are two requirements.

ByRick Deutsch

Want to speak on an Australian cruise ship? Here are two requirements.

We are seeing a few openings for speakers on Australian-based voyages.  Typically, they are out of Sydney. They go to other ports in Australia or Singapore or Tahiti or Indonesia. Sound like places you’d like to see?


See kangaroos in Aussie land

Whereas most USA cruises require only a US passport if you are sailing to a foreign land (visa might be needed), when working in Australia, you’ll need to jump through a couple extra hoops. You’ll need to secure both an MCV and an ETA.  Those stand for Maritime Crew Visa and Electronic Travel Authority. There is no application charge for these.

Put simply, the MCV is a temporary visa for crew (you)  who are employed ships on international cruises that go or from to Australia. You do need to apply well before your trip.  Apply on-line (not at an embassy) AT LEAST a month in advance. Your agent can assist to a certain extent

On a cruise you are not paid by the line – your compensation is your free trip for two.

An MCV is needed  “enter Australia by sea.” (their words)  That’s it. That’s it??? Yup, that’s it.

See the MCV website.

An ETA is also needed. Sounds redundant, as it’s also for travel to Australia. (Seems to me they could combine them. But it’s their country. )

The ETA let’s you enter Australia for up to three months. Specifically:

  1. make general business or employment enquiries
  2. investigating, negotiating, signing or reviewing a business contract
  3. participating in conferences, trade fairs or seminars, as long as you are not being paid by the organizers for your participation

See the ETA website.

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