Venice doubles down to stop rude behavior of visitors

ByRick Deutsch

Venice doubles down to stop rude behavior of visitors

We have spoken a lot about Venice.  Read our July blog that focus on moving the gigantic ships away from the islands with berthing at the mainland. Tenders will bring folks over from huge ships.

Step 2 is a beginning of a limit to the number of visitors allowed. Before they put in turnstiles, they are trying to be nice about it. BUT—> Tourists are ruining the place. It’s a cute town – but it’s not Disneyland. The locals are moving out to regain their sanity. At the end of WW2, 175,000 lived there. Today, all but 55,000 have left.

an Italian city

Venice tourist area

28 million tourists visit each year. For comparison, our most popular National Park – Great Smokey drew 11 million.

While you’d think the businesses love it – they do – but the quality of life has gone way down. People stay for a few hours, spend little money, put graffiti on the Rialto Bridge and dump trash like they are at home.  They enter St. Mark’s in flip-flops and hot pants.


City fathers are starting to clamp down. They are promoting rules in 10 languages.

  1. It is forbidden to litter or throw refuse in public areas, or places open to the public
  2. It is forbidden to be bare-chested or wearing swimwear. Men or women.
  3. It is forbidden to leave food wastes anywhere in the city.
  4.  Bicycles are forbidden in the City Center.
  5. It is forbidden to lie on benches, or stand at any time with camping equipment.

Our recommendation is to get there now – I’ve been 3 times on cruises.  YOU can to. See it while it’s still pseudo pristine.

Drop us a line with your experience if you have been there – or ask us anything about Venice.


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