Possible topics for Cruise Ship speakers

ByRick Deutsch

Possible topics for Cruise Ship speakers

Since you found us, you want to get those free cruises given to lecturers.

We are always asked: “What can I talk about?”  Well, what are you good at?   Your passion….your profession…stuff you have learned. Most ANYTHING that you know more about than most people.

Take a look at real voyages that need speakers!

In the seminar we go over all that.  To whet your appetite, here are some of the topics that will work. No charge.  Hear me now and listen to me later.

list of topics

Desired Cruise ship lecture topics

Any of these ring your bell?  AND there are MORE. We know the agencies. If you are good, we can give you a reference. We can help you get onboard. But it’s up to YOUR talent.

What’s our value-add?  You pay us a few quid and we spend two hours feeding your brain with the HOW TO.  Actually, it’s called We Teach and You Do….or the cute phrase now is DIY – Do It Yourself.

But you are not alone. We will give you follow-up for a month. You ask – we answer.

It will take you some time and effort, but you will have months to prepare your actual talks. Heck, we’ll even write your talks!  (The meter will run.) I’ll license you one of my 56 presentations! (The meter will really run!) We help you answer the mail that the agencies require.

Our staff sails regularly. Oh, about six times a year.  In fact we have been repeatedly to many key tourist places.  Three times each to the Panama Canal, Alaska, Venice, Santorini….how many times do I need to go to Venice? Have YOU been? You can.

Please give us a shout. Operators are standing by.  We teach – you do.



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