The Titanic killed 1500 – the Andrea Doria killed 50 – but another “visitor” dies

ByRick Deutsch

The Titanic killed 1500 – the Andrea Doria killed 50 – but another “visitor” dies

The Titanic was the biggest loss of life from a cruise ship at the time. A 250′ high iceburg did her in.

Did you know that the Andrea Doria suffered dropped 1700 people into the drink before going down…but thanks to taking 11 hours to sink, rescue ships had time to come to its aid. Only 50 died.

Andrea Doria

Andrea Doria before sinking

That ship sank in 200 feet of water in July 1956 after colliding with the MS Stockholm. It was an Italian ship and of all Italy’s ships at the time, Andrea Doria was the largest, fastest, and supposedly safest.

It was near Nantucket at the time.The ships were sailing in heavy fog and ran almost head on to each other.

It could have exceeded the Titanic Disaster which was also headed to New York City.

While beyond sport diving depth, it has been dived many time.  The depth, water temperature, and currents combine to put the wreck beyond the scope of recreational diving. It is almost pitch black down there. It’s covered with fishing line.

16 divers have died over the years. Long decompression stops are mandatory when ascending, allowing only about 15 minutes at the deteriorating ship. Tri-mix gasses of O2, Nitrogen and Helium are used to help.

Just last month, 64-yr old diver Tom Pritchard failed to surface. His body has not been found and the cause is unknown.  Sad.

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