We teach how to get you on a cruise ship for free by giving lectures

ByRick Deutsch

We teach how to get you on a cruise ship for free by giving lectures

Free cruises.  Really???


Thanks for finding us. We are two military Cold War Veterans (Air Force & Navy) who have done a gaggle of cruises and now teach how to get gigs. In about three years we’ve had nearly 500 inquires on how to do this. A large number of our graduates are on the seas right now.

See our testimonials page.

A few lines will give you FREE excursions if you just escort the folks on a bus. On one trip my wife and I helped people get seated in the auditorium before they were called for their tour. For this we got free tours.  Wow – that was easy. How about the Big Volcano tour near Hilo for free. We’ll show you how to do this. Roman amphitheaters… nice.

So what are you going to do next?   Obviously, you are kinda / maybe interested. You goggled us and read our website. Then you mulled it over and wrote us a comment.  We responded then you fell off the western edge of the earth.  No come-back. So why did you bother?

We don’t bite. We can talk on the old fashion telephone or skype you to explain things. $200 for a 2-hour “DYI” seminar. We teach – you do. You will learn all you need to know to get on; plus a money back guarantee – if you are dissatisfied with our program – ask for a refund. Really.

OK, here’s the sales pitch for today. Ask me about my 25 free cruises – no, ask my wife. She says: “Ricky, don’t screw this up.”  We’ll help you come up with talk topics and a good relevant bio. Talk about  your passion – it’s gotta be of interest and entertaining to mostly older (>50) retired people on vacation. So, no motivation, sales techniques or “How to Network” – they’ve been there, done that and tore up the Tshirt.

Men talking

Meet with guests after your talk.

The ball is now in your court (and I hate tennis).  Ask us and we will get back to you.

As they say in old Italy:  “You won’t get wet until you jump into the pool.”

We’re lonely – send us a comment.

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