Where does a speaker sit for dinner on a Cruise Ship?

ByRick Deutsch

Where does a speaker sit for dinner on a Cruise Ship?

As a speaker, you care considered part crew and part passenger. While you do get many of the perks those crews do – you are NOT crew. You are not permitted in the crew areas nor attend crew-only functions.

Dinner on a ship

Cruise speakers in costume at dinner

But where do you eat dinner? Since you are part passenger, you will be afforded opportunities to sit in the main dining area. The first day on the ship is when most seating assignments are done. Some lines let passengers pre-select their choice of times.

On smaller ships, folks meet the matre’d and get their table numbers. You are also allowed to ask. I also prefer the early seating. This allows me to get a good night sleep if I am not interested in seeing the late show.

Typically, there are early and late seatings.  On an older clientele ship, many want first seating, so they can hit the rack early. This is at about 6 pm. The second seating is about 8 pm. (I’d faint from hunger by then!) The late night disco is usually full of the under 30 crowd.

Be prepared to accommodate others. If your choice is full, don’t complain – you are getting it free. Often the ship likes to put all the entertainment staff with other passengers to help spur on conversation. I’ve been on cruises where they wanted all the staff to sit together.

Regardless, you will gain weight! I used to come home 4 pounds heavier after 32 weeks. For me the killer was breakfast. At home I’m used to a bowl of cereal. On the ship who can pass up pancakes, sauage, bacon……..??

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