Rock & Roll speaker continues to get free cruises

ByRick Deutsch

Rock & Roll speaker continues to get free cruises

SpeakOnCruises graduate, Bob Ray, is lined up for his 5th speaking assignment. He’s already got several under his belt and will be doing the Panama Canal twice.  His 5th gig will be a highlight of his cruise speaking passion.

He’s been booked on Crystal – the carrot for all of us. They are numero UNO….all inclusive….high end.    We did them from Chili to Antarctica to Argentina.  $10K apiece!  I am not worthy.

Bob talks about Rock and Roll: its history, evolution, cross-over with Country Western and the stars of that genre.  Yup, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison and their ilk.  My kinda tunes.

See Bob’s testimonial on our page. He was an active student and asked us many, many questions. I knew his background in the R&R world would allow for some interesting stories.

disc jockey

Bob Ray – Seasoned and sea worthy

He lives in Silicon Valley, like I do, and we’ve had a sub-sandwich lunch a few times to help him out.  He did free speaking at service clubs to test his material. He wrote his Bio, got 4 talk summaries and a YouTube done and applied with gusto. Bingo – he’s off to the races. He’s sailed Princess and others.

Keep up the good work, Bob. And tell your friends – SpeakOnCruises works. And to you, Dear Reader, JUMP INTO THE POOL!

Oh – I almost forgot – He also teaches photography on European workshops that he puts on. Carpe Diem, Bob – Carpe Diem!

Wanna travel free for two like Bob does?  We can help. See his website for more info on his offerings.

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