Observations on a cruise ship; a lot going on you may miss.

ByRick Deutsch

Observations on a cruise ship; a lot going on you may miss.

As I travel around the world, courtesy of free trips by talking, I have a lot of time to observe well…interesting things.

My first bit of fun is watching people people hanging by the elevator waiting for a lift up one floor. Or DOWN one floor. One floor. Come on, OK – unless you are unable to get up steps, one foot at a time.  Did you know that you will burn 4 calories?  Not worth it?  Try it. I’m OK with skipping a 5 floor jaunt; the missus and I opt for the steps unless we are late  for bingo.

Here’s another. Many will not even say hi as you walk by.  A simple hello goes a long way. At the other end, I get overloaded with 38 “good mornings” from the staff. My other pet-peeve is the “How are you doing?”  “Fine, thanks…..and you?”  “I’m good, thanks for asking.”  Over and over. I know it’s well intended but has become very hackneyed. Do you really care how I’m doing? “Well, my back hurts and I think I have an ingrown hair in my nose.” I’ll say “I’m not doing unwell.” or “How do I look?” or “As good as yesterday?”

Or the folks who don’t to use the hand sanitizer as they approach the food line. Then they grab an apple and put it back. Then sneeze. Or cough. Or wipe their noses. Many ships pick up the norovirus. Dozen get sick. Three days of quarantine.

Have you guys noticed similar things?  Join the conversation. Let us know that you are reading these blogs. We only put them out on Mondays. They are only abut 200 words. A minute to read.


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