Great vacation sites are feeling the crunch of too many people

ByRick Deutsch

Great vacation sites are feeling the crunch of too many people

The towns are coming up with ideas to stem the flow of thousands descending upon their streets. It’s easy to forget that these place are not Disneyland.  Residents live there and need respect.

Amsterdam, is not allowing new souvenir stores or fast-food restaurants.

Barcelona is restricting the building of new vacation homes.

Venice is going to berth ships greater than 96,000 tons at a mainland port.

In northeastern Spain, the historic pilgrimage trail, called the “Way of St. James,”   is no longer a complepletive hike – parts are jammed with rude  tourists.


Be sure to visit Stonehenge on your way to Southampton

So who are the people descending on these places?  Americans make up the majority of cruisers. 10 million Germans hit the road on vacations last quarter. While about 24 million cruises go on ships, about 1.2 billion traveled overseas on other craft from their home.

In 2017, economy improvements globally afforded more to take big vacations. Europe essentially shuts down in August  — BAD time to go to there!

We’re loving these places to death. 7.5 billion heads and going up. My advice: See them NOW. Take a cruise. Speak on a cruise. Go for free. What are you waiting for?  We get many inquiries and never her back from people. Huh?

Take the leap – learn how to do it. Can you give 4 talks on a topic that is of interest to people on vacation?

What do you know more about than most people?

See you soon.  Seminars starting daily.

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