Taking a Giant plane to a Giant Cruise ship

ByRick Deutsch

Taking a Giant plane to a Giant Cruise ship

I was connecting to flight in LAX (Los Angeles) recently. As I walked down the terminal to my gate, I looked right and saw a humongous plane…the AirBus A380. This is the double-decker made by the British-French group. That side of the terminal had 3 of them. Must be the only area that can service them.

It is so big that special jetways are needed to handle it. Picture a 747 with the upper deck full of seats to the end.

Here’s some stats I dug up:  238 ft long, 79 ft  high and 261 ft wingspan!!. Comparison–> it’s twice as long as a blue whale, the tail is as high as five giraffes standing on top of one another and the combined floor space of the two decks is 50 per cent greater than that of Boeing’s Jumbo 747-400. There is more than 310 miles of wiring in each A380.

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The line of people boarding stretched for dozens of yards!  I mused that if many of these folks were going on a cruise on one of the Quantum of the Seas ships that hold over 6,000 they would feel right at home. Royal Caribbean is rolling out a fleet of these.

Airbus A380

2015 – Giant Airplanes; Giant cruise ships

Just like gawking at the A380, I’d love to ride on one of the big ships…just to see it. Tune in for more trivia from your friends at SpeakOnCruises.


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