Cruise Ship Speaking Enrichment Topic: Teach Computers

ByRick Deutsch

Cruise Ship Speaking Enrichment Topic: Teach Computers

Ambitious techies can earn free travel on cruise ships by being a teacher. All ships now have internet rooms. They are manned by in-house staff. But many also offer classes on a variety of computer-related topics. If you can teach  computer basics such as email, WORD, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Facebook and other easy tools, you may be a gig. Most ships are all equipped for e-mail and Internet access..

Audiences will generally older people who just need the basics. You will have a dedicated venue and don’t need to bring anything but your content and laptop. Apple seems to have a leg up on Windows PC’s oh ships. In that case, classes on iPads are hot. You need to teach iITunes, iWork, iLife, and iCloud.

Social media, photography, music, navigation, communications, business applications, videos, and reading with Apple devices should  be covered   A fee will be charged to attend these courses.

We can help you navigate how to get aboard. You are not giving 45-minute talks, but rather only doing these classes. On many ships, you can charge for additional consulting. Check with the Cruise Director.



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